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    Does occupying oneself work as a therapy?

    An idle mind is said to be a devil's workshop. It can bring in a lot of negativity in your life. So, do you think that keeping yourself busy, mentally and physically, can help in warding off such negativity? Can keeping yourself occupied or engaging yourself to ward off that feeling of vacuum act as therapy? Share your views and experiences here.

    Many people complain of boredom while others are busy in searching for a good company to share their ideas and pass their time gregariously. Some are busy in their occupation and do not have time for unnecessary indulgences. In essence, occupation is the key to kill the boredom. It is said that the unoccupied mind is the main problem and generates many psychological complications in people. So psychiatrists or psychologists will always advise such an ailing person to divert his attention to hobbies or some constructive and positive engagements.

    It appears that keeping oneself occupied acts like therapy and the person comes out of his boredom and loneliness or any state which is manifested by these negative attributes in life.

    Have you, anytime in your life, felt that occupying yourself has worked like therapy and has restored your normal life? Please share your experiences or views on this matter.
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    This is true. If we are not in a good mood and if we sit without any work we feel very bad and we will get suffocated with the thoughts about the issue which is bothering us. Instead of that if we occupy ourselves in some or the other work we will get diverted and we may forget about the issue. But if the issue is very severe we may not be able to work and concentrate on the work also. In such a case, by going for some other time pass techniques we may forget the issue.
    Many times I experienced this type of situations. Those times I used to go and sit in my R & D lab and start discussing with the people there about the work going on there and with a span of 30 minutes I used to become normal. So I feel occupying ourselves in some of the other work may make us forget our problems. Otherwise, we will get bored with the same issue.

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    It is true that occuping oneself not only gets us rid of boredom, but also works well as a therapy, because you feel good that you have done something. It need not be for the sake of earning. Anthing by which you gain pleasure.
    All of us have something or the other to do in life. It can be a hobby like reading, gardening, cooking, playing games ,swimming etc.
    Somethings may not work as a therapy, although you may be keeping yourself busy.
    Mobile addiction, watching tv the whole day, or going to clubs and gambling. Though they may give relief to boredom for sometime, but in a long run, they may harm us .
    Thetefore anything that is enjoyable as well adds creativity can be considered as a therapy.

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    It is often as mentioned in the topic by the writer. When we are busy, we rarely get time to think of the things that haunt us otherwise. We are so involved in that activity that we often forget our problems. The vacuum that is created in the ideal stage vades off and freshness of thoughts comes in.

    When we are in a company, sharing our thoughts or fond memories, discussion on a given topic, or planning for a thing, keep us engaged and this avert us from our empty and spooky mind.

    At times when we feel vacuum or depressed or overthink a situation, it is always advised to inhabit oneself with any activities of our choice. It can be arts, TV, movies, singing, reading, drama, playing games or even writing. This will make our mind to divert its attention from the current or ongoing issue and will help us mitigate from the current situation.

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    Boredom and lack of activity and occupation is a big threat to the calmness of our minds and it is necessary that we keep ourselves busy preferably in productive activities. A positive mindset with willingness to take up tasks is a key to remain occupied and we have to learn that in our life if we want to be away from depression or other negative things like that.
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    When you are sitting idle and have no work to do your mind is aimlessly moving here and there, thinking of something which can be undesirable at times. It's important to divert the mind to keep it aimed at something so that you will be thinking about that particular issue you are working with. For example, when you know you do not have any official work to complete on that day you begin to think about what can be done. You may think of calling your friend, going out with your family, enjoy the television shows or just sleep. As long as you are not starting anything your mind keeps on wandering on different avenues. This wandering can bring in unwanted thoughts which can make you feel sad. But when you start doing any task, like watching the television or calling a friend your mind is aimed at doing a particular task. That's a big difference. You need to keep yourself occupied in a way where the mind is focused on a particular thing or things so that it cannot swing here and there. While repetitive works make us feel bored when we do not like to do them and at that time a little diversion works well to regain concentration. It rejuvenates the mind to think positively and also helps the mind to relax. Along with our body, the mind also needs relaxation. So when you are bored find ways to relax your mind and when you are idle and not doing anything keep your mind focused on something to keep it engaged.

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