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    He cleans the station every morning with a hope of arrival of passengers

    The name of the station is Birsa-Munda Halt Station. The station was opened in 2010 in the Joypur forest of Bankura district of West Bengal. Everyday, only one pair of train passes through this halt station and stops there. But no passenger gets down in this halt station.

    It is a halt station. Those who have worked in Railways know that there is no station master or operating (train movement) staff posted in a halt station. But, there may be commercial (ticket and goods booking) staff working in such stations for commercial activities. But this particular halt station doesn't have commercial staff either. The responsibility of ticket-selling was given to a contractor, but as there has been no passenger, the contractor has stopped coming to the station.

    On that day in 2010, he came to the forest with his herd of goats, like every other day. He was stunned. The new station was inaugurated by the Railway officers. A beautiful waiting room was constructed with the facility of drinking water and of taking bath. A new toilet was also constructed. He liked the station. He thought very soon passengers would throng this beautiful new station.

    But his wish was not fulfilled. No passenger comes to this station in the midst of a forest. The contractor has stopped coming. The trains from Bankura town and to Bankura town stop at the station for a few seconds on their own (as per the direction for halt stations). No passenger takes the train, no one gets down.

    The toilet and the waiting room are now in a dilapidated condition. During the evening and at night, anti-social elements come at the station. Nobody comes to the station, especially after the evening.

    Only he comes to the station everyday in the morning with his herd of goats. While goats graze in the surroundings, he cleans the station on his own. He doesn't get any money for cleaning the station. He does it on his own.

    Manik Dule cleans the station every morning with a hope of arrival of passengers in the station which was inaugurated in front of his eyes in 2010.
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    A great story of selfless working by this goat owner who comes there every morning to clean it on his own without any return. These innocent and honest people in our remote villages are teaching us a great lesson on cleanliness as we are not able to achieve same in our well facilitated urban environment.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A good story of a person who works for without money or any lust for others. It's an inspiring story for all we who are paid for the work still don't do our work honestly. Hats off to this man.

    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    From the story, The point I get is the give and take policy. Mr. Manik Dule comes everyday with his goats and the goats grazes in the surrounding and he cleans the station. The station has waiting rooms and toilets. He can us the same and as a mark to keep it clean he does it without an intention of getting money.

    Now, here he is doing it on his own, may be social action to the country and also to himself. As no-one is using it and if the amenities get destroyed, the government would not care but if he takes care, it can be fruitful for everyone.

    A wonderful act of humanity and self contentment.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    It is very well narrated the story of a Goat owner. The government spent money and created the facility there. But no users. So the whole investment is a waste. Why this type of station is constructed when there is no business. That is the main reason why many government departments will work at a loss only. Without taking the statistics of the halt station how they have made it so nice.
    We should thank Manik Dule as he is taking care of the property and cleaning it so that the station will be in condition for some time. We should appreciate him for protecting society's property carefully. I hope at least after sometime passengers from this station will start coming and going.

    always confident

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    A sad story of an isolated Railway Station. It is not understood what was the purpose of making a Railway Station there. May be the nearby villagers are never using it as they might be moving here and there in the buses or by some other means.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I have already stated that this is a halt station and no railway staff is posted in that station. The ticket-selling was given to a contractor who hasn't find any passenger there.

    The train stops there for less than one minute and then starts as per the direction given to the engine-driver. But there is no passenger in the halt station.

    Perhaps Railway has been forced to give a halt station at that place due to pressure tactics of the local MP/MLA.

    "Khamosh rahoon toh mushqil hai; Keh doon toh shiquayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But when I open up, they start complaining.)

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