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    Nagaland Govt to initiate its own version of NRC.

    It is an interesting piece of information as Nagaland Govt has decided to start a variant of the NRC (National Register of Citizens). They are setting up the Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN).

    Under this a list of all indigenous people will be prepared and those who are having fake certifications will be excluded. The survey will start with effect from 10th July 2019. The Nagaland Govt envisages to complete this survey village wise under the concerned district administration in 60 days time.

    Will this exercise be in unison to the central Govt NRC or will have a conflict with it. Or central Govt will accept it in toto? What do you opine about it?
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    I think NRC survey by the central Govt is already started in Assam and the results will be listed for the reference of taking a final call on the issue of immigrants. The Nagaland state Govt has also started the similar process on its own or on the requisition of the central Govt, it is not known. Anyway the survey is required and it does not matter whether the state does it or the centre.
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    If the NRC updation is basically aimed at identifying persons who are not genuine citizens of India, the Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN) is aimed at identifying and registering indigenous inhabitants of Nagaland. What would be the status of those people who have settled (through marriage or otherwise) or are employed in Nagaland has not been dealt with in the order issued by the government. Considering the fact that non-inhabitants are already required to possess an Inner-Line permit to enter and travel in Nagaland, the purpose behind the introduction of RIIN, I feel, need to be taken with a pinch of salt. The claims by the rebel and separatist groups in Nagaland also need to be taken into account.
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    The survey in Assam is going on. This is planned by the Government of India. And in Nagaland, the State government started the survey. The State government might have started this survey after consulting and taking the advice of the Government of India. As such if the survey will be conducted in a proper way to find out the correct information, I don't think the central government will never say no to that.
    I feel there will not be any conflict in this survey and the outcome will be taken by the Central Government in toto.

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