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    It is time to act, not to go on planning.

    We are having a habit of planning. We make one plan after another and lose a lot of time in this process. What is required is to act on the already chalked out plan. If a plan is made but not implemented then what is the use of chalking out such a plan.

    It is time to act and implement the existing plans rather than drafting newer and newer plans. This is not only true for our personal life but also for the planning in our country at national level. Do you also feel like that? Please share your views.
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    Planning is a process of setting a track for achieving the desired result by collecting all the resources that is required to reach the result. The resources can be money, equipment, manpower, books, software, skills, etc. The best way to start any thing is by planning the best possible way to reach the desired goal. We know " Well begun is half done". If we have a proper path, then its easy to travel than to search for things at the last moment.

    Now, the second thing is to start on the set path. We may find many other options as we start but we need to make the best possible path and start the journey or else, the plan will just be on paper/mind but the goal will be far away without a movement.

    As the writer has mentioned, we need to make movement and take the necessary step in order to get to the set goal. The plan can be reorientate as we advance and find better option than we had at start.

    Unless and until a journey is started, we can't reach the destination and the ability to start is the start of reaching or achieving the set goal.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    Planning is required. WIthout planning anything, to start work is not correct. Better-Planned work will be completed fast. But if we spend our time always in planning and not executing the plan, there is no use of planning. Execution is the key to success. Planning is a tool to see that the expected work will be started as planned and completed as planned.
    When we thought of celebrating a function in the house we will decide a date for that function. We plan all the requirements and give target dates for each planned work and see that the function will go on well on the day fixed.
    Similarly, our planning should start from the endpoint. We should decide on the date on which we have to complete the task and plan to start today and we should complete the works what we planned for today. Then only things will move as thought.

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    Planning many things at a time is not bad, especially by a nation for its progress and development. Only thing is that they should plan it in such a way that it is executed properly in time.

    Say what you do, and do what you say.

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    It is true that planning if not executed is a wasteful exercise. At the same time it is also important that a plan should be in place before we go for its execution. Repeated planning will only confuse the implementer. Let us firm up our plan with all pros and cons and then go ahead with its implementation. That is the only way to see the fruits of our efforts. In Government generally what happens that plan is made by some people and then it is given down the line for implementation. It many times so happens that the implementer is not able to go ahead due to various practical difficulties and plan does not turn into reality. So, this gives us a lesson that we should involve the implementer when we are in the process of chalking out our plans. Taking adequate feedback from the implementer at the time of the plan itself is a good strategy.
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