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    What if in India majority would become minority?

    This question must be asked and discuss.

    There are politics going on for each and everything. Even for Indian Cricket jersey, which they use it for just one game, become politics just because it was an orange colour. If minority get beaten, it become a discussion on Parliament which is absolutely fine but the same people keep quiet when the things goes other way.

    I only wonder what if the majority become in minority, can they live as peacefully as the minorities lives now? Can they will have same freedom of life as minorities living in India now? Or they will be thrown out of the country as it happen to the Kashmir Pandit.

    It may be a question which may or may not happen but it is a serious question to discuss.
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    If Majority is becoming Minority, in Countries like India, the minorities should get all the privileges if at all any present minority is enjoying. The Minority which will become Majority should lose all the privileges if at all any presently it is enjoying as a minority.
    But the government changes and what policy they decide is not known to us. All depends on the government ruling at that time. There are countries where Minorities are suffering without any recognition and privileges. The same systems may come here also or the minorities here may be treated in a better way as it is happening now in our country.
    Anything is possible. I hope it may not happen in the coming years which the present elder generation may not see The actual position will be known when the imagination becomes a reality and the government does something for the minorities only at that time.

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    I don't think this thread is fit for any discussion. Majority becoming minority and minority becoming majority! Are we in a Magic show?
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    On what basis shall we say that Majority will become minority and contrariwise. Here in India, the difference between majority and minority is vast and the Majority need not worry about becoming minority, at least in view of masses.

    What is the point of discussion when majority is the more and some privileges is given to minority in order to make them feel secure. When is it that a minority feels insecure or threatened by the minority in terms of power, fame, wealth, religion, reservation, status or any other thing in India.

    If we go with the 2011 census, as per Wikipedia, Hindu - 79.8%, Muslim - 14.2%, Christian - 2.3%, Sikh - 1.7%, Buddhist - 0.7%, Jain - 0.4% and others - 0.9%. Now do we think that the majority and vast difference in other religion will shrink and will change. We will have to do some sought of magic.

    Can someone highlight, some of the privileges enjoyed by the minority that majority too should be provided and inversely. It's not much, except the quotas or reservation in schools, colleges or some jobs/hospitals.

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    Due to vote politics and religious polarisation, there is some confusion on the issue of minorities in our country. As per the United Nations definition, in any country if a religious group or closed community or a distinct social group is less than 1.5% of the total population, it can be treated as minority and then certain special privileges can be thought by the Govt for them. Unfortunately in our country the second majority religious group was considered as a minority and that is the start of all problems of this minority issue. We all are considering one of the majority group as a minority and that is the crux of the problem. The politicians who are only bothered about their votes will never agree to this logic of United Nations and will argue against it.
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    I don't think if Hindus become a minority in our country they will be able to live peacefully like other minorities are living in the present time. The example you cited of Kashmiri Pandits is a perfect one. Also one cannot forget what happened to the Hindus living in Kairana. These are all live examples for supporting the fact.

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    If the rate of increase in the population of the different groups is drastically different then the apprehension of the author may come true in a longer run. In that case this question will become very relevant. How the change in relative numbers will then affect the scenario in our country is a question which requires some pondering.
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    If Hindus become minority in India, then what would happen? We may study the newspapers of Bangladesh just for one week to understand how Hindus and other minorities are treated in those countries where Abrahamic faiths are in majority.

    If we are not willing to look beyond India, then? Let me give some specific instances:-
    1. Mizoram, a Christian-majority state of North-East India. The religious leaders did not allow celebration of International Yoga Day in the state in 2018.
    2. West Bengal, a state which suffered from partition. Due to illegal infiltration, the Muslim population has reached 30% in the state. Utter lawlessness prevails in the entire state including the capital, Kolkata. A Miss India was tried to be kidnapped by the youth of that community in the posh residential areas in South Kolkata. Even 10 years before, this particular locality was a zone of peace. The community members regularly beat doctors and destroy properties of hospitals if any patient of that community dies. The short-sighted politicians appease the community.
    3. A shop-keeper in Mathura, Bharat Yadav, was killed without any fault. The killing was justified because Yadav was a 'kafir'. The liberals were too busy to condemn this incident because they were organizing mombatti procession for Tabrez Ansari.
    4. A bishop is very busy in Tamil Nadu to grab land adjacent to the temples. In case of consequent disturbance, Hindus are blamed. Another bishop in Kerala has raped a num and put the blame on the nun. Almost the entire church stands firmly with the bishop.

    There are many such instances which tell us what would happen in Hindus become minority in India. Nobody would bother to talk about secularism and human rights of Hindus.

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