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    Using quote - a solution to address a member correctly

    Hello webmasters, admins, editors and members,

    As we had a discussion on the addressing members by correct names to the thread reply, and in continuation to the thread raised my Vandana(ME) Please get the name right, I Would like to suggest to bring in the quote and multi quote replying function.

    I have seen in many other sites, they follow this quote or multi quote function wherein, a quote or multi quote tab is available at the end of each members reply. If any member want to reply to the reply of any member, he can press the tab an the quote will appear which provides the given members reply and name, and this shows our reply to the concern member or person.

    This will reduce the misspelled and salutation issue. This will also give proper view as to whom is the reply meant. It will certainly help to abridge the long discussion in certain thread and bring in more lucidity to members reply.

    This is just a suggestion for a better feedback and members participation in Gd, articles and threads.
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    I am not very clear. The problem mentioned in the referred thread by the Managing Editor, the points what I understood are two.
    1. Use the correct spelling of the person whom we are referring to or mentioned in the reply we are giving.
    2. She advised us not to use numbers that are being given to each reply which will start with #.
    How these two problems will be solved by using the above mechanism mentioned by the author. I request somebody to give more details so that I can understand the point correctly.

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    Suggestion is valid. The feasibility and possibility may be evaluated by ISC web team.
    I have also seen the facility in some other sites.

    However, we may not need full quote from the post. So it is more practical to copy-paste the needed portions and giving the quotes.I do that way now.

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    As a response to Dr. Rao, I have attached a print screen of how the quote will look like. This is just a view into my suggestion which will help to get better picture of using the quote function.

    The quote can be shorten and only some that needs to highlighlet can be kept as mentioned by Mr. Venkiteswaran.

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    A good suggestion by the author. The ISC management has to see how it is to be brought out in the software architecture of the ISC without much hassles. If it adds value and is convenient to use then it can be incorporated here also. Meanwhile let us write the spellings of the names of the members meticulously and before submission of our drafts should just check it for surety.
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    Varghese, should we complicating the system when the solution is so easy. A new member may face some difficulty initially but for others getting to know the names of the active members here does not appear to be a herculean task. Why do we opt for shortcuts when typing a few letters does not take even a few seconds? After all, one of the purposes of we being here is to improve/ better the way we write and not to relax in the SMS mode.
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    I want to add that the author has suggested to use some utility valuable for automatically bringing in the name so that there is no mistake in writing it by the members. ISC being an educational and knowledge acquiring site, such app might not be needed as our aim is basically to learn correct writing in our posts and articles or any other section to that matter. So such automated things might not be a necessity at present. However, new techniques are always adopted by the sites time to time for bringing in the ease of working in the site and could be thought at a later stage along with other technological upgrades of system software.
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    The suggestion that I made is only a "suggestion". It is upto the administration whether to take it or leave it. As many has pointed out, It is easy to write a name correctly that too a few seconds job but have made mistake. Many feel insulted, many feel it is purposely done and many give a blind eye to it. Now some of the question that rises in my mind are:
    - How can we a change to it?
    - How can a person be called (Salutation or without it)
    - Should a person be called directly by name or sir, ji, mam, mr, etc, where many don't know their age.
    - Can an advancement in technology be taken as a hindrance.
    - Can the suggestion, if put forward make our learning process weak.

    We all have joined the site for learning new things and sharing our views, I learned using basic HTML code from the article and thought of suggesting the "quote" format which I have seen or used in other site. If it's not useful, it's fine., we can close the thread.

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    My response at #669314 is merely my viewpoint about the suggestion by the author and is not at all a decision. The matter will be brought to the notice of the admin and we can leave it to them to take appropriate action as they deem fit in this regard.

    Varghese, I don't think we need to be really serious about the age, seniority or position of a member since we are interacting in a virtual world. It is up to the individual to decide on the salutations once he becomes aware of the details of a member. Addressing a person by name is always acceptable.

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    Dear Varghese,
    Why copy other sites and follow when we have already set something of our own to follow. Let ISC be different from other sites. We are here at ISC to practice and improve our writing skill. Let us try and type the names of our members accurately. If a mistake is committed in the spelling of a name, try and edit it. No honorifics is required as it would create a problem if not used correctly.

    @ Once I addressed and misused a Miss as Mrs and had enough for it.

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    Please explain your last sentence in the response #669337

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