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    Is marriage a union of two individuals or two families?

    When I asked an old bachelor about his marriage, he said that he was/is ready for marriage, but his family is not in a fit position for his marriage. When I suggested him to love a girl and marry, he said that marriage is between two families and he won't go for it. I am fully confused.

    Members, Please convince me 'What is marriage'.
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    Marriage in legal terms is mutual consent by two people belonging to the opposite sexes of a certain age to unite as spouses after completion of all the required formalities.

    A marriage can be just an agreement if they are uniting for a purpose. A marriage is joining of two into one. Taking responsibility to continue with each other in each and every phase of life, in sickness and health, in prosperity or poverty, for better or worse etc until death does them apart.

    This is actually what marriage is but it is seldom followed. We know when two people unite and become one, they have many flaws which need to be tackled. Many times it is difficult to convince each other and family plays a vital role in helping them to keep up their bonding.

    When there is a problem between the spouse and both are not in a stand to get along, this is the time where their family helps. If the family of both, the man and the woman, are understanding and have a correct approach, many divorce cases can be turned into union.

    So, marriage is not only between two individuals but also between two families. Many times the family poke more which is not required but a good family will certainly help in a good marriage.

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    Marriage is basically a union between the two people with their consent. It's not necessary that families of both the parties are to be involved in it.

    There may be a reason when he said that his family is not ready for his marriage like he may be a sole bread earner for the family or he may be dependent on the family so the parents may be thinking that once he will be able to take the responsibility of his family they will agree for his marriage.

    It's not a way to love someone and get married. In his case, he should ask his parents what's the reason and should convince his parents by any means. If still, they don't agree he should arrange his marriage himself through the marriage sites/newspapers.


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    Marriage is between two persons. It will connect two lives to travel together. That is true.
    But because of this marraige, the boy's family and the girl's family will also get some relation and they will also move together some times together. After marraiage, there is no rule that the boy has to go and start living separately with his wife. He and his wife can stay with his parents. It is a combined family.
    In case of any problems between the boy and the girl, the two families should step in and resolve their problem so that they will move together. So both the families that of the boy and the girl should have acquaintance with each other and they should act as good bonding agents for the two. Then if there are problems these families can see that will not get separated because of such problems.

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    People who are not attached with their families either due to financial reasons or emotional ones can go ahead, have a relationship and marry and do not bother for their parents or other members of their family. But there are many who have strong bonds with their families and they will not marry until the parents or elders force them to do so. It is very prevalent in villages and small towns though in urban areas such bonds are less common.
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    The concept of marriage varies from different cultures and different nature and societies. In countries like England, United States, Australia, Russia etc., the marriage is two persons living together and no families involved. In countries like India, China, Japan where society and cultures have vast importance of families, the marriage also involves families.
    So, in short, it depends upon the society or culture you belongs to or living in. In India, families are certainly crucial part of a marriage.

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    Marriage is definitely between two people. But its bye effects are for the two families. If they feel they can meet and merge and become one big extended family.
    But if they decide marriage can remain just a matter between the two individuals.

    The ideal situation is the two remaining attached and attracted to each other individually and keep the two families as their support and supplement base , where by the two families also become tied by marriage.

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    Marriage is a legal way to make a relationship between two people official. It defines the relationship between two people from different aspects and since these two people have individual families the concept of a larger family comes here. Traditionally, the family of the bride and the groom are involved in the selection process to find the ideal match and maybe the person mentioned in the thread tried to mean that particular aspect when he said it's between two families.

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