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    We can drive a point better with a bit of humour and pun

    It is said that we need not enter into pointless discussions. While noting that point, I trust that ISC forum is a good platform to discuss anything and relevant place to discuss about the thread subject 'point' also.

    Spinning punning with the key-word, I learn that a point is very small dot denoting the starting or centre of a circle. To draw a point we use a sharp pencil or ball-point pen. But to make a point we use voice and gesticulations. To start a football match, the ball is kept at mid-point first.

    Some may like to put their counterpoint. Anyone can pinpoint my mistakes, and I shall take it in right spirits as far you don't keep me at knife-point or gun-point. I shall try to understand your viewpoint.

    I think I had made my point clear in this post.

    (TOW entry)
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    Good thread. I understood the viewpoint of the author in writing this thread about the point and he made his point very clear and I appreciate his point. I hope the other members also will understand the point in his thread.
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    Interesting write up by the author on point. This word can be used in many context and in many ways. The author has shown it by using it in different perspectives. He has made his point well.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I am still searching for my view point of for this thread. What a point the author has made for the TOW "Point". He gave his point and I have put my point too. Now its other point to put forward their point in the TOW " Point". Hope this point don't take out the main point of my point.
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    I could count 15 points in your thread, Yet ISC awards you only 5 points to your credit. Since I have nothing to point-out in this thread, no point in responding to your post with too many points to get only one or two points.

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