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    Point is a super word in English

    The word 'Point' is a super word in the English language. It has a lot of meaning. Look at the following to know about 'Point'.

    1. A sharp end of a tool
    2. A particular place or moment
    3. An item, detail or idea.
    4.The most important part of what is being discussed.
    5. The advantage or purpose of something.
    6. A particular feature
    7. Unit of scoring
    8. A small dot or mark
    9. Something in Geometry
    10. The directions marked in a compass
    11. A narrow peace of land jutting out into sea
    12. A junction of two railway lines.
    13.An electrical socket
    14. Electrical contacts in a vehicle.
    I wish to show examples. Due to the word limit imposed, I am not showing it here.

    Can you point out any such other word like the word 'Point' and post it here?

    @ This is my TOW entry on Point
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    The author has given a list of various meanings for point and its usage in different occasions. He has given all the possible places where we can use the point with suitable meaning. A good post. I think no other word may have so many meanings and usages.
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    The word point has so many meanings and the author has presented it nicely.
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    Aiwa, the writer has proved his point and has showcased that "Point is a super word in English".
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    The writer has put do many points to point out the meaning of point. Good work.

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    I have an example of point that is the most common thing we use in our writing. The full stop is also is a point that is frequently used after we complete a sensible sentence.

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    Yes, the word point can be used in several contexts and the author has covered almost all the aspects. But basically, we use it in geometry.

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    Yes, it is a super word and can have so many meanings. There are some other words also which have a number of meanings and we use them in different ways time and again. Some of these words are - take, run, go, stand etc. There could be many more like that.
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    Point out and give the words that are superior to the word Point. Tell the word and give it various meanings in this thread.

    If you have time, can you tell about the words Take, Run, Go and Stand to compare with my Point?

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