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    You won't be motivated unless you accept and look for changes

    Appreciation is a way of motivating people. Since our childhood, we are appreciated for doing things correctly and because of that learned which things others like and which others do not like. Not only a child, but appreciation is also necessary for people of any age on a regular basis. The awards and rewards are all forms of appreciation and also a way to recognize one's contribution in a particular field. Sometimes the lack of appreciation can make people demotivated and maybe because of that there is a lot who remain unsuccessful. Finding out the reasons for remaining unsuccessful is very important and it's equally important to be motivated when things are not going in your way. That's the time people look for motivation and search for books or training or maybe videos to become charged up and start again. All such books and videos have one thing in common and that is to accept the changes and move forward. There are a few people who still remain demotivated after going through such motivational books and videos. Is it because they cannot accept changes or they think it is impossible to change a particular situation? I have noticed they are too much dependent on their fates and remain preoccupied with their preconceived ideas. Members, do you agree?
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    Life is a mysterious journey and new situations emerge out of nothing. We have to accept them and cope up with them. Things will not go as per our wishes or whims. Changes will come and we will have to adopt ourselves with them to proceed ahead with success and progress. It is true that human nature is to resist changes. Everyone has resistance for change. It is well know challenge in our life. We can not escape from it. We have to devise ways and built our stamina to face these challenges and carve out a winning path amid them. People will criticise us and comment on our actions but we need not to bother and try hard to mitigate the challenges produced by the changes in our life. There are situations in our life when no one motivates us and we are on our own. That is the time of introspection and raise one's inner strength appropriate to the occasion. Accepting the changes and channelising them in one's growth is the key to progress.
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    Change is a must for any person to be successful. When we are in a good position and when everything is going as per our planning and we are successful, we will not bother much. But when we are in problems we have to understand the reason behind the problem and act accordingly so that we will come out of that position. Such times we may require good encouragement and even guidance also from the people who have knowledge in those subjects. In such cases, we should not hesitate to accept changes which are required for getting things done favourably. We should not be inactive in such times. If we don't react properly we will be the losers.
    Yes. Initially, some people may think that by making a change in our approach we may be at a loss. But that is a wrong perception. We should not bog down on our old preconceived thoughts. Of course everything we can say it is destiny. But without making efforts from our side leaving everything to fate is not a correct trait.

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    Changes are inevitable and people need to accept it. Everything changes, from our age to people, technology, wants, children, place, system and our way also changes. If we don't change with time, we will always be left behind. Everywhere we see change.
    - Change in our family,
    - Change in our society,
    - Change in our workplace,
    - Change in generation,
    - Change in technology,
    - Change in skills,
    - Change in materials, etc.

    We all need to accept change so as to build ourself and work it up to be a part of the change. It will take time to get in with the change but it is always good to move forward than staying glued at one place and blaming "change" for our failure.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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