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    Do you think that the world is a cruel place?

    Life is a continuous struggle and we are supposed to fight the odds in pursuit of success and prosperity in our life. There is no place in this world for the lazy and idler. Even there is a tough competition between the hard working people. We have to work hard and do persistent efforts to achieve our goals and objectives in our life. The competition is stiff and people will not let you go up the ladder so easily. There are people who will defeat you in many ways presenting you as a useless entity in front of the management or the top leadership and you will be out of the queue soon. You will find yourself treated cruelly and offendedly but the truth is that you are out of the game. It happens in every sphere of life. Be it a workplace, a political party, a home, a society or a group of people, cruelty reigns everywhere.

    Have you ever felt like that in your life? Is the world really a cruel place? Please share your experience and thoughts on this aspect in our life.
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    Losing and winning is an integral part of our life but when there is stiff resistance from others while we move forward then the complexity starts. Everybody has her/his own agenda and working towards it. There are people who feel threatened and start downplaying the achievement of others in front of the gathering because they always fear of losing the race. They think life is a race. They are eager to move ahead through any means and never hesitate to abuse others also to achieve their goals. Dealing with them is a problem and there are situations when it becomes complex. Others facing these kinds of people may think there is no alternative and start brooding. You have to be strict on your own agenda and should not let others interfere with your activities. Nobody is going to give you space because everybody is out there to prove their worth. This is the real situation and rather than sticking to a particular task it is better to concentrate on a few more to find out which one suits you best. One should not be too lenient and it's always better to be assertive. The world is not a cruel place, rather it's a place where everyone is trying to prove how worthy they are.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I don't think this world is a cruel place. But some people in this world are cruel but all are not cruel. There is a big competition in every place. One should be able to face that competition. Some people try to occupy a higher position by some shortcuts which are very much possible in this world. In these methods, such people will never hesitate to bring down the efforts of a successful person. In such situations, one should be clever enough to face them and tell them a lesson. But sometimes when the top bosses encourage such people who will try to go up short cuts, the real worthy people will face some problems and they will get demotivated. In such a case we should see how to overcome this problem or how to prove the other man wrong.
    I know some people who got out of such situations by quitting the present position and going for a new environment. We have to try a place which suits us better. But unfortunately, we don't when we are new whether that place is good or not to us.

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    Some people who do not have support system like family background, job etc may sometimes feel that this world is a cruel place to live because they find that no one is helping them from any quarter. In fact people are busy in heir own work and do not have time for others and also there is no helping attitude in them. So, the poor and downtrodden people might think that the world is a cruel place. For others who are able to earn their livelihood and able to raise their families might not think like that.
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    Look around you; it's a beautiful world. Struggles are part of life and depend on what our pursuits are. There is a place here for everyone, yes, even the lazy and the idlers survive. They may not meet our definition of success and prosperity, but that is just our perspective. At the same time, someone more successful and prosperous than us would look at us as losers. There is no exact measure of success and prosperity. A beggar could be successful and happy with what he does.

    Competition is fierce, no doubt. We pitch our strengths and skills against others to prove ourselves, but that doesn't make the world a cruel place. Losing and winning are part of life, as are scheming and conniving. We'll get nowhere if we shift the blame for our shortcomings and the events in our lives on the world. Life is not cruel; it just throws challenges at us. How we cope with them decides our future.

    'A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak' - Micheal Garrett Marino

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    The world was, is and will be the same for everyone. It is our vision and approach that define the future. If we think it is cruel that it's cruel but just image what about some who doesn't get even the little things that we are fortunate of. There are some who shoot up as a star but their fall is also fast.

    Everyone in the world has their own space and place. One you can play your role, a replacement will not work. If you have the will, skill and the ability, no one can push you down. It's just like, when the flower asked the bee, don't you feel depressed when men steal the honey you make after such hard work, she replied - they can only steal the honey but not my skill of making it and till I know my worth, no one can or will ever be able to replace me.

    The same goes foe humans, till we have the skill, will, strength and are willing to work hard, no one will ever be able to replace you and thus it will always provide you with the best you can afford.

    At times, you may find it difficult to overcome but never leave your hope, for every problem comes with a solution. It's only a matter of time. Learn to wait for the correct time. Never get discouraged and be positive, everything has a purpose, so is your life in this world.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    God created earth is not a cruel place at all. It is the paradise in this universe. Both Heaven and Hell exist on this good earth. One is better than the other. All are not equal to each other. There is competition in every aspect of life. Even there are rich beggars and poor beggars. So, what is cruel and where is cruel?
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    I am young and i do not have vast experience of world but i do believe and experience that you can feel exactly on the basis of how you is your thought process and your attitude towards people and life. When you think positively, you will see everything nice and positive and vice versa.
    So, when you are surrounded by the negative news sources all the time, all you can think is that the world is cruel. Of course, there are certain incidents happening around which are not good or happy and they may not be in our control but it doesn't mean that we consider the whole world as cruel place.

    "Words are precious, ought to be used wisely." - Umang Shah

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