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    Monsoon mayhem in Mumbai

    Heavy rainfall in Mumbai killed more than 20 people till now and triggered wall collapses and crumbling of dilapidated structures. Streets have turned to rivers. The Maharashtra Govt declared Tuesday a public holiday and all educational institutions are closed due to the continuing downpour. I heard that rescue operations are in full swing.

    What about our Mumbai friends in this forum?
    We would like to hear from them.

    My tips to them:
    Don't eat food from outside. There is a chance of water contamination. Drink boiled water. Switch off all electrical appliances. Do not move out till water recede.
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    I don't know why the Rain God loves Mumbai(Bombay) too much. It is a perennial problem for Mumbaites to float in waters at the beginning of the SW Monsoon season. It has become an annual routine to experience the initial showers. As a man from TN, I envy Mumbai from Chennai.

    We do not manage water properly. God is gracious to shower His grace in the form of heavy showers. But we are unable to hold, store and use.

    No life without Sun

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    Yes. Mumbai is in heavy downpour now. People are not able to move out in these heavy rains. The people in slum areas will face a very difficult situation. As mentioned by SUN it is always the case at the beginning of the monsoon.
    We should now the position there from members of this site from Mumbai. I hope somebody will respond.
    It is not good to go out in heavy rains and spoil our health. As far as possible one should stay back in the house and see that they will maintain their health properly. Drinking and eating outside is not good in these rains. We should not allow small kids and children to go out and get wet in these rains. It will result in fever and other health problems.

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    There are many low lying areas in Mumbai which are immediately flooded with water in heavy rains. This creates a problem of waterlogging and it becomes difficult for the pedestrians as well as for the vehicles to move in those areas. There is another great danger of uprooting of trees and collapsing of old dilapidated buildings. These areas are low lying and due to a large stretch it is not possible to pump out the water quickly so every year the same thing repeats during the monsoon time.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Hope that our regular members & their families from the Mumbai are safe. I think, it was too much of rain in too little a time that bogged down the already weakened infrastructure.

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    This is the common site of mumbai at the first downpour every year. The Government or the BMC is never ready for monsoon. Mumbai has faced such situation but the BMC never learn from their mistakes. Every year water clogging is a problem and the areas are well known, Sakinaka, Kurla, Wadala, Govandi, Thane, are few of them.

    The main issue is the accumulation of waste which gets washed out at the downpour clogging the drains. This result in flooding. High tide also play a big role. BMC need to take steps to clear all the naalas before monsoon. This can help to some extent.

    There are many mishaps that occur and government has taken good precaution by given holiday. Everyone need to take care.

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    Railway tracks flooded?
    How E5 Shinkansen Tech trains (Bullet train) run on water?

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    It is heavily raining in Mumbai and we are eagerly waiting for rain in Delhi. Hope it rains soon here too. It's too hot in Delhi and it is declared that the schools will remain closed to extreme hot here till 8th July.

    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    Because of some low lying pockets in Mumbai, there is a perennial problem of water flooding and the municipality is also not able to do much in the matter. The drainage system is not effective due to the negative slopes and due to the heavy population in the areas the drainage are overloaded with all sort of materials. Every year a large amount is spent on drainage for removing the clogging but next year we land up in the same situation. In such a situation the roads start acting like a drainage line and whatever water can move is taken out by them to other lower areas stagnating water in them. It makes the situation worse.
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    In my place in Kerala, we did not have rains for last 5-6 days and not much rains in this season in June. Today it just rained for a few minutes.
    Nature's actions are always puzzle to us. It is beyond human brain capacity and defeats human ego.

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