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    Do you enjoy drenching in the rains?

    The monsoon season gives us respite from the summer heat and everyone waits anxiously for the rains. As soon as the rain starts children go outside and stand in the rain. Some elders also join them. Many people like drenching in the rains. It is a fantastic experience like standing in a big shower. In many places people gather and dance in the rain and enjoy.

    Do you like to drench in the rains or you avoid it? Please share your interest.
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    Yes. I love to drench in rain. Nice experience. I participated in rain dance @ Wonderland Bangalore. But, not a good experience. Everything is commercialized there.
    In my childhood, I used to swim the riven in my native village Kerala, during heavy rains. Strong wind, heavy rushes of water and strong under currents make you thrilling swimming experience. The non-visibility due to heavy rain adds the thrill further.
    (Caution/Warning: I don't recommend anybody to do this. Don't go for swimming during raining, there is a heavy risk of lightning/thunderstorm etc. Only experienced swimming professionals can do this.)

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    I do. I really do. I stay at a small town in West Bengal not very far from the estuary of the river Ganges. In these coastal plains it rains a lot in the monsoons, particularly in July and August. However, getting drenched in rain for longer duration does not suit me. I tend to catch a cold very easily, and hence, I try to avoid getting drenched in rain although I really enjoy doing so from the core of my heart.

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    Drenching in rain to some extend is really enjoyable. Playing football during rain with friends are even more enjoying. We all love rain but some cannot enjoy to its full due to health issue.

    The first thing that we commonly do is run outside in order to get wet in the rains. The first rain bring big relief from the hot summer and the smell of the mud after the drizzling is so soothing that we really stand there itself, enjoying the fragrance.

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    I love it when it rains but I like to enjoy the rain from the verandah of my house or through the window of my bedroom. I don't like drenching in the rain as a matter of fun though I don't mind drenching myself if it is unavoidable. First rain is said to be unsafe and so one should avoid going out to drench themselves as the first drops hits the ground.
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    Even after crossing half-century marks, I still love to get drenched in rain. It brings back my childhood and adolescent days. But, in Delhi, I don't find the rain adequate. Even then, the plants and trees start smiling when they get the first touch of rain.
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    I used to enjoy going out and getting wet during my school days. My father always used to stop me saying that it will not good to get wet in rain and we may suffer from fever, cold and cough. But when he was not there in the house I used to go with my sister and get completely with water. After coming back my father used to shout on us for that.
    But as I grow I stopped getting wet in rains. I never used to go out when it is raining unless otherwise, it is a must. My children also don't like going to rain. They are always in the house only when it is raining. But my wife even today likes to go and get wet in the rain.

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    Drenching in rain was a childhood joy. But my mother used to scold as I get cold. Many a time, I drenched and enjoyed after a little drink. As rightly said, the first rain is not fit to drench as it brings down the dust to the earth.
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    I like the rains but do not have inclination to get drenched. The reason could be that when I was a child, I got drenched a few times and got fever and caught cold. After that my parents always warned me not to dare to go out in rain. So, now I always move with an umbrella when it is raining outside. I avoid going in the rains and enjoy drenching. But I like the rain when it is falling down with its beautiful sound and the environment is cool down and becomes pleasant. I can sit in my verandah for long hours watching rain to pour down. It is so magical and so joyous to watch it.
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