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    Can you describe yourself using apparatus from the chemistry lab?

    Every considered your personality to be akin to an apparatus in a chemistry lab? Let your imagination run riot in this innovative thread!

    This is a fun activity and thought why not, though it may sound crazy. Initially, it was difficult to come up with an apparatus that would describe my personality but if you give a thought, you can come up with some very creative answers.

    For e.g, if I have to describe my personality, I would say I am like a beaker. A beaker is open without a lid and I think that best describes me. I am very open hearted with the capability of mingling with everyone. I don't usually use filter to filter out my friends.

    Similarly few apparatus that I can name to help you out, there are funnels, beakers, test tubes, pippet tubes etc.

    So guys, put on your thinking hat and describe yourselves.
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    I find myself as a funnel. Wide opening at top and narrow opening at the bottom. My personality find a place in the funnel. As my friends tell me, I am too open for everyone but squeezes myself when I need to open up. I have my own close friend circle and family member with whom I share my problems. But as a person mingles with everyone and enjoy with all who approach me.
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    I am also like a beaker. I am very open to all for all the suggestions. I am like a burette in spending. I will spend as required and never open completely my purse for spending. I spend as required only like a titration drop by drop. The spending will be very slow as my money in the purse comes to almost the endpoint and near the endpoint. In passing on the information to other people I never use any filter paper. Everything will be informed to all. I have this habit from my early stage and I got many times warned by my family members many times. But I will be like a standard solution without changing my concentration on the work to be carried out.
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    I compare myself to a test tube. Just as it is used to hold different substances; I hold varied experiences, knowledge and qualities. Various substances go into the test tube for storing and testing chemical reactions; I work the same way. I store knowledge, skills and experiences and react when tested.

    The test tube is narrow on the outside and deep on the inside; I too appear closed on the outside but get to know me, and you'll discover a deeper side of me. The test tube can stand the heat; just as I do, I exhibit a strong personality and can stand up to adversity. The test tube is fragile; so am I. Shots served in them, in clubs, bars and restaurants, add a zing to the drinks; I have a fun side too, I live life to the fullest, and enjoy every moment.

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    I also prefer to be a beaker myself. A beaker has a big heart, it can accommodate good amount of things and contain them without spilling. It is very stable with its flat bottom and always remains on the table top. I also believe in stability. It is one of the basic things in a happy and contented life. Stability brings confidence and desire to progress ahead. It is a perpetual source of energy.

    The beaker is not limited in its purpose. It can be used for so many actions from storage to assimilation of various different ingredients. I am also not limited in my actions. I go for varied jobs and attempts to do different things. I believe in learning new things even at a later stage of my life. I am open to all sort of suggestions and opinions thrown on me from various quarters and know how to assimilate them in my mind. I believe that I am as versatile as a beaker.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I am like a holding stand in the lab. As a holder is responsible to hold anything that we use in the lab, I am a responsible person to hold any responsibility in my family and office. People entrust me with responsibility with a hope that nothing will go wrong with Sun. I am a trustworthy person.
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    Came across this brilliantly unique thread while doing a round of forum threads and although it has crossed the ten-day mark, we would like to have some more creative responses here.
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    I am like a beaker who collects things in it and doesn't allow to let it out of it unless someone deliberately takes the things out of it.

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    – Abraham Lincoln

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    Thank you everyone for the awesome responses and thank you Vandana for selecting and keeping this open for more responses!

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    I wish I want to be a pipette as I would want to suck in all the positivity and let out all the negativity of life. And this is the apparatus which must be handled with care.
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    I consider myself as someone who has 0 knowledge of chemistry so no ideas. I'd love ISCians to do this for me (Wink).

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