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    Monsoon and the songs that come to our mind

    As we know that monsoon has arrived or say is on its way. We may find it interesting to sit with a hot cup of tea/coffee and hot pakodas in our hand and sit in front of our window and listen to some music.

    I would like all the members to contribute with your favorite song (any language) or some of your hot and soulful monsoon numbers. We all have favorites which come to our mind when the song is played. Just sit calm and relax, yes, it's coming, You just need to write it down.

    Some of my monsoon favorite songs are :
    1. Rimjhim gire sawan - Manzil (1979)
    2. Rimjhim rimjhim - 1942 A Love Story (1994)
    3. Pranayamani thooval Pozhiyum - Azhakiya Ravanan (1994)Malayalam
    4. Adada mazhaida ada mazhaida - Paiyaa (2009) Tamil
    5. Tujhya Priticha Priye - Dho Dho Pavsatli One Day Match (2010) Marathi
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    Rabindranath Tagore wrote thousands of songs in his lifetime, and almost a hundred of them are based on the rainy season. All of them are so majestic and so beautiful that it is really quite difficult to pick any one or two. However, if I need to pick any one particular song, it is "Borisho dhoraa maajhe shaantir baari", which literally translates as "Pour thou drops of peace upon this earth".

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    As you said it is very pleasant to sit in the house, while seeing the rain from a window and enjoying hot tea and some hot snacks like bajji or pakoda or samosa. But if we have to go out in that rain for some urgent work we never enjoy it. Even though we have an umbrella or rain suit also it is very unpleasant. But the rains are very important. So we can manage with that unpleasantness. There is no problem. Without rains, we will not get any crops and water scarcity will increase.
    There are many Telugu rain songs which we enjoyed a lot.
    1. In the 1960s in a movie, the great hero ANR and heroine Sarojadevi danced for a song in rain" Chita Pata Chinukulu" is an all-time hit and even today it is the most popular among the youth of these days also.
    2. The great hero NTR with Sridevi in a movie danced for a song in rain "Aaku chaatu Pinde tadise". It is a big hit song in that movie.
    3. In Sankarabharanam movie the hero Somayajulu danced for a song in rain 'Sankaraa Naada sarira" is a good hit song. A very well dances song.
    Like this, there are many hit songs in Telugu movies.

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    Well, the season of rain is season of romance and freshness. It's the season of enjoying rain with hot snacks and romantic songs. Following are my favourite songs that i prefer to hear in monsoon:
    1) Ye mausam ki baarish, ye baarish ka paani, ye paani ki bunde, tujhe hi to dhundhe - By Arijit Singh. (From Half Girlfriend)
    2) Kajraare...Kajraare....tere kale kale naina. (Bunty aur babli)
    3) Taal se taal mila. ( Taal)
    4) Aaj rapat jaaye to hame to bhulaiyo. (Namak Halaal)
    5) Barso re megha megha barso (Guru)

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    There are many songs related to raining background and some of them are very famous and popular. Out of them I like the following -

    1. Tip Tip Barsa Pani - Film Mohra.
    2. Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua - Film Shree 420.
    3. Ek Ladki Bhigi Bhagi Si - Film Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi.
    4. Dum Dum Diga Diga - Film Chhalia.

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    Nice, very good collection of songs!

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    Some more to add to the list of songs :

    1. Mazhayai mazhayayi pozhiyum ormagale - Album: Mazhayai(2016)- Malayalam
    2. Mazha - Shikkari Shambu (2017) - Malayalam
    3. Ab Ke Sawan - Album: Ab Ke Sawan (1999) - Hindi
    4. Sawan Barse Tarse Dil - Dahek (1991) - Hindi
    5. Mazhaneer Thullikal - Beautiful (2011) - Malayalam

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