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    What do they do prior to the game start?

    In Cricket, prior to the start of the game, the team which fields, gather together in the field, put their hands around each other, and do something. I want to know from our members as to what they do.

    1. Do they pray God?
    2. Do they take some oath?
    3. Do they greet each other?
    4. Do they observe silence?
    5. Do they plan some strategy?

    What they really do?
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    It is called a huddle. Players go into a huddle. Team members generally use motivational phrases to inspire each other. It could be simple phrases such as, let's get them, we can do it, let's show them what we are made of, we are the best, we are going to win etc. They could also say a little prayer, but it is usually a strategy to create team spirit and a reminder that they are there to play their best and to play to win.

    It is what I have seen actors do in movies, and television shows that I have watched. I guess they do the same in real life too.

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    They plan their strategy. The captain tells the team the score at which they have to stop the other team. The captain motivates the team and the team members wish each other good luck. It's important to have such a small gathering before the match so that the players come to the field with a good mindset and their spirits high. Because cricket is a game of mind where bowler plays with the mind of batsman and vice-versa.

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    It is a motivational act just before the game to remind everyone that this is the way we will be going to play and every one should have the same objective and strategy in his mind. This last minute mini meeting is very important to revitalise and inspire the team members for the task for which they are gathered there. Though the team members are already aware of the strategy but this last minute reminding is very effective and makes the players more serious to their immediate respective responsibilities in the game. As Juana has already mentioned, the correct word used for these short gatherings in a closed group is called huddle. A huddle meeting can be even had after the game is over to celebrate or congratulate each other.
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    It is to show to the whole world that they are all united and they will play as a team but not as an individual. This is the first point that comes to my mind.
    Then they will use this small meeting to motivate each other so that everybody will get motivated. This will bring all the players onto the same wavelength and each will get inspired.
    They may say each other that we are strong and we can defeat the other team and we should show our full strength today and see that we will be the winners.
    The team management may decide the strategy they have to adopt in the dressing room itself bu the captain and the vice-captain may use this occasion to convey the same to all the members and highlight their strengths and say where they should concentrate, I think.

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    As I was in our school football team, we too use to do the hurdles before the game begins and it's the same for every team. Every team will have their own way of doing it but I can provide our style. In football, the full thing is decided outside the field.
    We use to do the following in the hurdle :
    1. Gather around and wait for every team player to gather and tuck our jersey inside , then observe a minute silence.
    2. Have a prayer in common. Our's was a christian, so we use to say - Sign of the cross, 1 Our father, 1-3 Hail Mary & the glory be to the father, i.e the rosary prayer. Every one, whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Parsi, all use to say the prayer. This itself showed our unity. The same was the case in the Muslim or hindu schools.
    3. Coach or captain would provide his input and the strategy for the current game with the opponent, whether the format will be 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 or 4-2-4, etc, which post to select, who should play at what position, etc.
    4. Use to say our school slogan and the victory slogan.
    5. Go to the field in line from the centre and run towards any 1 post.

    This hurdle helps the team to keep up the team spirit high and also boost the player with motivation provided by the coach and sometimes by our school principal, well wishers, etc.

    I think the same is followed in all games and only there may be some changes.

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    Last evening, I watched the Cricket match between England and New Zealand. England won the toss and chose to bat. When the NewZealand team came to the field, I was hoping to see them huddling. But they did not huddle and went straight to their fielding positions. Since they did not huddle and pray for their victory, they lost their game.

    I could see the word huggle in 'The Hindu' front page heading " Rahul Gandhi formally quits as party chief, makes letter public - Holds himself responsible for poll debacle - Senior Cong.leaders go into a huggle"

    @ A good word learned through Ms Juana.

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    Before the start of the game, it's their final resolve together to give their best performance against their opponents. It is nicely described by Juana Ma'am in her reply @ #669393 and this huddle acts as a motivation to the individual players. This is a sort of strategy to boost up the morale of the team.

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    They make a strategy by getting together. This is not a new thing you can watch it. In the game of soccer its a very common sight. They also say some motivational slogans to motivate players.

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