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    Our discussions should be to the point.

    Discussions are done between people or in a group of people to reach a conclusion or consensus. Whether it is a national parliament or a small group of the people the purpose of discussions is to find out a agreeable solution to the impending issues. Discussions are generally carried out considering all the aspects of an issue.

    It is necessary that discussions should be healthy and to the point. There is no point in beating about the bush. We should be very particular about this as a proper discussion and correct approach will only lead to better solutions. It is well understood that healthy discussions will lead to healthy solutions. Hence it is imperative that our discussions should be to the point.

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    I also believe in the philosophy that we should discuss things in their proper perspective. Discussing for discuss sake will not bring any fruits from that exercise. The whole purpose of the discussion is lost if we discuss the things half heartedly or without consistency and coherence. No meeting can yield useful results if the people have not discussed to the point. Whether it is workplace environment or private gatherings, discussions take place every where to find the solutions and identify the paths to move ahead. If discussions are not held in an intelligent and prudent manner, the results will be disastrous. I agree that discussions should be adding value to our understanding of the matter to find out a common solution.
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    Absolutely our discussion should reach some conclusion, therefore, it should be to the point otherwise there is no need for a discussion. People sometimes go beyond the topic and makes a discussion boring. It's very essential that we discuss points which are related to the discussion to make it more meaningful and fruitful.

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    A vital point is discussed here. We discuss things to know about the larger aspects of any issue and it is always important to stick to the point of discussion. We sit together for a discussion to find a solution for an issue. During the course of a discussion, certain examples may be cited to validate one's point of view and those examples may not be related entirely on the topic of discussion. But that's only an example used to clarify things. If someone on the discussion table deviates from the topic, the whole issue of coming to a conclusion from the discussion is lost. Therefore, whatever may be the issue the discussion should be to the point to come to a logical conclusion.

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    Sure. When we discuss something, the matter should be related to the point what we are discussing there. Sometimes matters which are not related the discussion points will be brought and the whole discussion will get sidelined and no final understanding about the issue. Many times we see and hear such discussions in our Parliament and Assemblies. The people always try to criticise each other and never say what are the merits and demerits in the proposal. The Agenda will be always to say No to the other party representatives. That is why we see no fruitful discussions in these places and only public money is getting wasted. This is the way of politics of these days.
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