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    Do you read the editorials?

    Many of us read newspapers regularly. There are different sections in a newspaper and people have their own choices. Some look into the section where local news is published, others read the sports section first. There are a few who start to solve the crossword puzzle as soon as receiving the newspaper. Every section has its own value and publishes the news items. But how many of us read the editorials in a newspaper? Reading the news is important to know what's happening around you and it's equally important to know the opinion of the newspaper. Editorials are written by the editors regarding any important topic with deep insight. Editors analyze the topic and express their opinions about the consequences of the issue. They can support or oppose any happening with valid logic and editorials are the only section where the views of the publishing house are expressed to the public. Editorials are always an analysis of the issue and the quality of the newspapers can be judged from the editorials. While it is always important to remain non-judgmental while publishing the news items, it's equally important to analyze various topics to find out how it is going to affect the citizens in the long run.
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    Earlier I was reading them very meticulously but now discontinued them. Editorials are the rich source of information and increase our knowledge tremendously. As the editors give special attention to them the data contained therein is generally authentic. I will recommend that the students who are preparing for competitive exams should go through the editorials as they give good coverage on the contemporary issues. Moreover, the language of the editorial articles is also very good quality and is of literary level. Most of the editorials give the gist of some issues in crisp and short form which is useful for the examination point of view.
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    I read the Editorial Headlines and go through if they are interesting to me. Otherwise, I just ignore it. I don't miss to read 'Letters to the Editor' column.
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    In my case also if I get be heading as interesting, I follow the contents. Sometimes some interesting editorial is there and then we have to go through it completely. It gives us good insight into the matter and we can mention those points in our own language elsewhere.
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    I am not a regular reader but do go through the epaper by just reading the headlines. In schools, teachers use to tell us to read the editorial, as it help to get good knowledge of the language and also about the matter discussed. We use to read it but many of us found it hard to understand with so many difficult words, like you need to open a dictionary for every other line. It is always rich with language.

    Like many other members and also the writer has pointed out that many of us only go through our favorite section. I do go with the headlines and if find it eye catching, go to the content. But reading the editorial always help.

    Good point that has being put forward by the writer and very good post for ISC.

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    I read Editorials in some newspapers. I was liking the Editorials of The Hindu and daily I used to read that. The Editorials in that paper were very well written in English and the analysis of the Editor was excellent. I was purchasing The Hindu for almost 25 years for this only. Later on, I stopped it due to various reasons.
    Now daily I purchase Deccan Chronicle and Eenadu in Telugu. I read Editorials in both the papers. Eenadu uses a very good language and the way they deal with the subject is good.
    Sometime when I don't have time I may skip the English paper but I will not miss the Telugu paper. The remaining paper I see only headings and if any interesting issue is there I read it completely. I never leave sports page without reading the details about any cricket match played, or that is being played.

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    I make it a point to read the editorials every morning and, in fact, quite enjoy them. The writers present hard-hitting facts and put things into perspective, rather bluntly. There is no attempt to cover-up opinions. My husband and I often discuss the articles in the editorials.

    I am particularly fond of the works of a few columnists and appreciate their honest views - Radhika Vaz, Sagarika Ghose, Jug Suraiya, Bachi Karkaria, Tavleen Singh and surprisingly even Chetan Bhagat, to name a few. These columnists give an accurate picture of what is happening, around us, without mincing words.

    I am not a fan of Chetan Bhagat's other works, but quite like the way he writes in the columns (though I've not seen his columns for some time). He writes simple, and to the point, something that even a school going kid would understand. I love the humour that Radhika Vaz brings into her writings and the puns used by Bachi Karkaria.

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