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    Cow declared as GOAT

    The title will make you wonder. That is it. But I am not lying.

    I have read about the declaration is online news clips which quoted from twitter. It is the netizens who have declared the cow as GOAT.

    Many of you would have seen the video clip which is the cause for this declaration. A cow took possession of a football some boys were playing. It did not give it back, but simply played with. When the boys retrieved the ball by trick, the cow chased them and the ball all over the ground and got it back.

    In fact I got the video clip yesterday in Whatsapp. I liked it. There was no head and tail for that. I gave some caption to it from my humorous imagination and forwarded it to some of my contacts. Today I got the same video from many other contacts with some different captions and titles.

    Today in the evening when I was going through online news pieces I found that the video has become viral.
    Seeing the cow's foot ball skills and its sportsman spirit the netizens called it GOAT- Greatest Of All time. Got it na !
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    Yeah. I got it as GOAT with GIN (Greatest Of All Time . Got It Na)
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    Ha, ha, ha! It sounds really interesting. Though I have not seen the video clip till now I am quite interested to watch the football skills of a cow. There are many funny videos of animals available on Youtube and I promise you won't be able to stop laughing after watching a few of them. I have seen animals playing with various types of balls but how a cow possessed the football from a group of boys and again retrieved it from them is something to be watched and enjoyed. Though many unusual things do happen on a regular basis, can we conclude from the activities of the cow that it is an avid fan of football?

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    Very interesting and hilarious post by the author. Now a days these types of clips are becoming viral in the social media. I am amazed to see the alertness and attentiveness of the people to capture all sort of actions around us in no time and post it in the media. I think the presence of the smartphone in our hands round the clock is one main reason that we are able to catch them in time for the visual benefit of the netizens!
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    A very interesting satire by the author. Now a days there are so many amusing videos circulating in the social media and people are also forwarding them to each other religiously. Due to the facility of editing the pictures or videos, some people are changing them to make more interesting and enchanting for the netizens. Animal videos are much enthralling for the general surfers and if the video contains sporting activity of a particular animal that becomes viral in the media in no time amusing the sender and receiver alike. I think comic and hilarious videos are liked by people more than their serious counterparts.
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