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    Why many people start nagging in their old age?

    Ageing is a natural process and each of us has to age and become old one day. The active life changes gradually to an unoccupied state and the physical weakness engulfs a person slowly and slowly as the gradual decay of body starts.

    It is seen that many people start a nagging behaviour during this phase of their lives and other family members get irritated with their insisting and aggressive ways. These old people forget that the younger people have now become fully adult and are independent in their own ways and do not require any instructions or directions in each and every thing. In fact, some younger people feel so much offended with these unsolicited advices and instructions that they start to avoid to face these seniors in spite of having so close family bonds with them.

    What in your view are the reasons for such behaviour of people in old age? Please share your experiences in this matter.
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    Generally, many old people will have this mentality. The old people may not move out much and they will be spending full time in the house. In the house also the other people will be busy with their works and these old people will feel lonely. They start thinking that nobody is consulting them and nobody is caring for them. So they will try to come and say something or other and that is not being liked by the young people. This will enhance the negative thoughts of the old people and think that there is no value for them and their nagging habit will further increase. This is what I feel is the reason.
    It is better if the old people manage their time on their own. They should not interfere with the matters of other people. They should not give unnecessary suggestion without any request from the other side. Then only their lives will be smooth and peaceful.
    I have seen some young people who will say Yes to the words of old people to make them happy and afterwards they carry on as per their planning. This is to make old people happy. It is also a good thing to hear at least what they say.

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