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    Politicians, Kindly provide us your basic qualification!

    As we are aware of the basic qualification required for any job. Even a sweeper needs to have 10 pass but till date , we don't find any basic qualification that is required or asked to a politician. When a politicians can be the one above IAS, IPS and other top position, why are they left out of the foundational requirement.

    The basic requirements that are routinely asked in any interview are:
    1. The basic education or certification
    2. Industry or position knowledge
    3. Experience in the field
    4. Proficiency in any language or program
    5. Additional skills
    6. Personal quality and clearance

    As per the basic listed requirement above, what is your say. You can be in agreement or disagreement of the same but do provide your justification for your support in any case. Should these be mandatory for the politicians who rule our country.
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    It is unfortunate that no minimum qualification is prescribed for becoming an MLA or MP and from there to higher positions. But if we see the present MPs, many of them are having higher qualifications. I have not seen any illiterate contesting these days.
    The main requirement for a person to contest as an MP or MLA today is how much money he is having and how much money he can spend for elections. How many people he can gather and make the campaign successful and win the elections. Many of these days politicians are having many criminal cases against them and they will rule the country.
    What I feel is even though there is no qualification asked for, the people with criminal cases and other civil cases should not be allowed to contest. Only after the cases are over and once they are released from the cases only should be allowed to contest. This rule should be brought in.

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    There is no basic or special qualification required for a politician. He needs to answer only the following.

    1. Are you an Indian?
    2. Can understand English or Hindi (For National level politician)
    3. Can you understand your local language (For state-level politician)

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    As per the existing rules, regulations and constitutional guidelines in the matter, there is no minimum education prescribed for fighting in an election. So, if such a thing is to be included an act to that effect is to be brought in and the law is to be enacted. So the leader can be an educated person also. The politicians should think over this issue and pass a bill in the parliament to that effect if we want to see that educated people should run the country. In absence of that the present system will go on continuing.
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    Basically, I'm least interested in Politics area. Not sure whether it is because of the worst politicians in my state Tamil Nadu. From the responses to basic qualification required for politicians, they are just taking all the benefits from Government money to their own growth and lives rich since there are no basic qualifications required. The poor, beggar and farming criteria people struggling to run their life. Politicians are opted for citizens goodness but it is not in reality. If there are certain qualifications set to take the roles along with language proficiency and citizenship, may be the ruling would be better I believe and I apologize if there is any mistake in my response.

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