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    Library in the forest!

    Akshara, a library at Iruppukalkudy deep inside the forests division of Munnar district lends books for reading at Rs2 for a month. There is a tea stall as well along this library and books available are mostly by Malayalam authors.

    This is so amazing that a small collection of books are available in the forest for travelers. Away from the commotion or noise from the district to a pin drop silence in this forest reading a book would be a great experience and soothing to the soul!

    In the 'man ki baat' PM Modi, mentioned about this library and it received a lot of appreciation.

    It would be unfair if I don't mention the names of those two individuals who have set up this library-Muraleedharan, a teacher initiated this step and Chinnathampi, an ardent reader keeps the record of books lent.

    Setting up a library may not be a difficult thing but establishing it in the forest is great and an amazing thing!

    Some members may be knowing more about this library and I request them to add more details about it.
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    I had been to Munnar. But I never heard about this Library. Anyhow, we should appreciate the persons we started a library there. Munnar is a very cool and good place to stay. The whole atmosphere is very calm and we can concentrate well on our work when we work in such an atmosphere. Very good herbal plants are also available in this place.
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    A great piece of information compiled by the author. It is a remarkable task to provide a library in a remote place that also in the deep of a jungle. The efforts of these volunteers are really laudable and praiseworthy. The availability of these local language books in that remote place will be very useful for the scattered inhabitants of the nearby villages as they can lend books from here for reading. If people also volunteer such acts in other remote and inaccessible places then it will be a great job of spreading awareness for reading and that will eventually helpful in people's ability to read and comprehend the present writing trends in the local language.
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    A great information for everyone. Even though, I am from Kerala, have not heard of this - "Akshara" a library at Iruppukalkudy. This is very good initiative from the two mentioned people. As you mentioned, it will be very soothing to sit in silence, keep reading with a hot cup of tea/coffee with the chilled flow of wind.

    A very thoughtful and encouraging work by the two. It is welcoming to see that they wanted to give their little to the books and reading. People should visit and enjoy the little warmth that the owners want the visitors to experience.

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    Yes, it a great to have a library in forests. When I read about it I felt great. The joy of reading a book under the shades of forest and in silence is amazing. It is really soothing to the soul! This initiative is encouraging and I was touched by this effort!

    Especially these two people are great who took initiative for setting up a small library in the forest.

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