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    Brownie points are good when earned selflessly

    [This thread wins a special prize for the June topic-based TOW]

    Life has become a contest. Be it in a workplace, neighbourhood, within families or among friends some people are always in a hunt to gather brownie points. These points are imaginary awards which people receive for a good deed. Applause, a pat on the back, a place in someone's heart, or being in a good book is the brownie point one earns.

    Some genuine people do well to others, but presently, the sycophants are around who utilise opportunities to earn brownie points only to encash it afterwards into favour. Such people are dangerous for society but just opposite to them, are the innocent little kids who never crave to collect brownie points to enjoy some privilege. Every adult must be a kid at heart then only they can serve others selflessly, or else a competition for brownie point will impact disastrously.

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    A good topic to note. A brownie point always help us as it appreciate us for the good deed or even an attempt to help others out of the box. In today's world, everyone want to get the appreciation but no one want to help or do good but want to be seen in front. It is our duty to know the truth before giving a brownie point as the main or correct person who was behind the scene would always be left out and the one who knows how to feel his presence, takes the full credit. As mentioned by the author, Brownie points are good when earned selflessly is very true.
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    Very nice. These days everybody wants to be in the limelight and everybody wants to get the appreciations from all. That is many of us post our deeds and actions, which we feel receives appreciations, on social media. We feel happy when we see many numbers of likes and comments. More the number more happy we are.
    Actually, people used to say in earlier days whatever good work we do need not be publishes and we shouldn't do help with an intention to get appreciation from somebody. But these days that concept has been changed. You give more advertisement to what little you have done so that you will get the required advertisement.
    That is why small help is done by the politicians these days will be published in newspapers with their photo and articles. My opinion is our good works should be noticeable by others and they should come forward to appreciate you. But you should not help others to get appreciations and awards.
    A good thought by the author for TOW contest.

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    Getting appreciation for good work and applaud for our success is something that everyone cherishes and the count of brownie points increase accordingly. This is in a normal course of action but manipulating things to get good score of these points is not a healthy practice. Respect is commanded and not demanded. Some clever people might be creating false situations to earn goodwill and word of appreciation from others but these things do not work for a long time and once the reality of the purpose is disclosed the individual loses his reputation and next time no one believes him. We should in fact be careful of these wretched people who fabricate things for short gains.
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