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    Let us encourage these youngters in all ways

    In the past one week, I met with six graduates. Three of them were from two famous Chennai colleges, the prestigious Loyola Collage and Vivekananda College. The boys spoke English with an American accent and we're eating to go. Since all the three were commerce graduates, they have taken up BPO jobs and are either doing the CA or ACS course. They are paid quite well. The jobs are purely stop-gap jobs. Another three were B.Com from one particular college in Madurai district. Technically, they were good. However, they were dazed by the presence of so many smart girls and boys, each of whom did not communicate much to them. The reason? They can speak only Tamil. It took two hours to convince them that they can also improve their spoken language skills. They just need a bit of motivation and advise. They are now far better, and are confident of improving themselves.

    Those of us who have such opportunities should encourage graduates who have degrees through their mother tongue.
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    Pl read raring to go. Sorry for the mistake.

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    Few students who don't have exposure to other people, mostly hesitates to speak even in native language. Yes, cracking jokes and speaking with friends are different and when it comes to communication, a sort of hesitation along with fear pulls their voice inside. They should come up with hope to speak somehow even if they don't speak fluently along with motivation. Nobody can sow the seeds of courage unless a one throws the hesitation that is within.

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    The main problem is with us and within us. In today's time, many feel that English is the most required thing and we give least importance to our mother tongue. Many even try to use US or UK accent, just to show that they know more but sometime it may be just the accent but the language may be poor.

    As we see other developed countries, they feel proud in speaking their own tongue, so why should we feel ashamed. When we can copy their fashion, technology and other thing, why not copy this? Our mother tongue is the best thing that a person can learn. The best language is his/her own mother tongue and we should be proud of it.

    Whichever position, what's your education, which school you pass, what degree you hold, doesn't matter. Everyone should be proud of their own language and feel proud of it.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    Sir, everyone speaks Tamil. Both groups of young men work in BPO companies. Those with no knowledge or inadequate knowledge of English work in the bare entry level jobs where knowledge of the local language is enough. However, it is also imperative to understand ground realities. The BPO industry has grown by leaps and bounds in India and has generated hundreds of thousands of jobs only because there so many lakhs of English speaking graduates from the urban and metro cities. It is important to raise the level of English in the semi-urban and rural areas and give the graduates to take on the challenges of working not only in the BPO and IT industries. On an average, the sheer number of English speaking people are huge in the entire South India. This is possibly why the BPO companies are growing in many cities out here. Let us encourage every graduate to learn English so well.

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    Mr AB Sivakumar,
    Did you tell those graduates to join ISC to improve their English writing skill?

    No life without Sun

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    Sir they have their own reservations. To bring them out of their shell is a big issue. I have had references to even place the Hindiwallahs. The problem is even acute. They would be so happy if all outsourced work from the USA is in Hindi. Their mental block in learning English is worse than most South Indians.

    Look at the cream of two percent Hindiwallahs and these guys dominate even IAS and managerial ranks in India. So, forever we will have this problem. The Modi Government is forcing Hindi everywhere without even understanding the fundamental issues involved. Let us not forget that English is our gift of God. Even today, thousands of Indians go abroad only because of English medium education. At the regional level, it is very essential that only the local language should be compulsory and should also be the official language of the State. English can be common. Hindi can never occupy this space. We need to go on improving English standards.

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    AB Sivakumar,
    You did not respond to my question. Did you ever talk to them about ISC and how it helps us to improve our English? By the by, how many members yielded to your request to join ISC?

    No life without Sun

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    Yes. Two guys have promised to join ISC. They seem to be keen on forum discussions.

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    Today English has emerged as a global language and is not confined to Britishers or Americans. This has made it necessary to learn English by everyone who wants to be in the business. It is good to study in the local language but learning English is equally important. Today there are many opportunities in our life and in the industrial world but we may miss them if we do not sharpen our knowledge of English. It is not a sign of fashion today but it has become a necessity. Do not bother for the accent as Indian English has been acknowledged in the world as other accents like Chinese or Japanese. There is no need to copy the accent of English medium school students. Talk in English in your own accent. There is nothing wrong in it.
    Knowledge is power.

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    English matters these days. In interviews, people check your communication skill that's in English. Actually, you are expected to have a command over the language because in offices especially in MNCs foreign delegates also come and to interact with them you need to know the English language.

    In manufacturing also check sheets and work instructions too are made in English most of the time and we expect people to know at least what they meant.


    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
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    Yes Sir. Even the Japanese are now doing their Managerial work in English. China is going so fast learning English. Our students who go from India learn medicine in English, in Russia. INSEAD , one of the best BSchools in the world conducts it's MBA course in English, in France. English is number one language in Germany. Yet our Hindiwallahs and our regional politicians oppose English for selfish purposes.

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    There are two issues in this. One is the Language and the other is communication skills. Even in local language medium studies, there are languages to study. The English Language will be there for all in the first year of graduation and up to 10+2. So there should not be any problem at least in understanding the language and if they start talking definitely they can improve. If they are never doing that the problem will persist.
    Communication skills are very important. Some people feel shy and they hesitate to talk in a gathering especially when they have to communicate. We should work on that and we should see that they will come out of that shell. Then they will be able to communicate properly.
    If one can speak in any language without hesitation in a gathering can try and speak in other languages also. It is my belief.

    always confident

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    Sirs, once we understand the resources available almost free, it becomes even easier. Google for example, provides immediate translation of entire phrases from Indian languages to English. This can be done to enable the person to speak in English. Even the Hindiwallahs can be taught in a similar fashion. The more we do it regularly, it becomes easier for things to fall in place.

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