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    Have you used this sentence "Even this will pass away" when you are at difficult period?

    The sentence "Even this will pass away" gives hope to live even under pressure that you cannot reduce it easily. Nothing is permanent including happy moments, sad incidents, difficulties, etc. We usually like to have happy moments to be lengthy and the sad moments shorter. It would be nice to pass happiest time and hard to pass the miserable time. I use the quoted sentence whenever I am in a difficult period where I expect a relief to come out of the situation. Also, I use to think at happiest time as well not to fly in the air.
    I thought this quoted sentence every month when I feel pressurized because of my debts that caused due to house construction and missed to pay EMI dues in time during my father's jobless situation.

    Have you ever thought like this and when?
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    Many times we are stuck in such situation where we feel left out and depressed. This is the case of majority of people and it is his/her way, how they overcome that situation. We always feel that difficulties takes time to go away whereas pleasant time flies away fast. Everyone has their own quote or motivation phrase.

    At a times, I too had followed the said phrase "Even this will pass away", then it change to "after the sunset, there is always a sunrise." So I think that if now I am going through this problem, it will always change and good news will arrive.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    I never encountered such a difficult situation in my life. Because I always ensured not to get into a difficult situation. Debt is one thing that will push us into a very difficult situation. In Ramayana, Kambhar writes -" Kadanpatta Manithan Pol Kalanginaan Ilangai Vendhan." which means. The Ilanka King was worrying like a person with debt (After abducting Sita)
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    Life is a mysterious journey and many things are not under our control. The vicissitudes of the life are difficult to predict and and can not be understood by ordinary mortals like us. So, we do not know when the adverse times will engulf us and we will be in shambles. Anyway we have to keep ourselves in a calm and balanced state as in bad times we have no control on the happenings. In such times patience and tolerance is the only key and 'Even this will pass away' is the only mantra one can whisper to one self. In adverse situations, consoling only works as a magic and once the dark clouds are over we come out of the difficult situations without losing our mental peace.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Correct. Life is always moving. We will be facing many difficult situations and we will be getting happy moments also. But they are not there forever. They will be on move. Yesterday's difficulties will be forgotten with the happy moments today. We don't know how tomorrow will be. All difficult times will also move on. Only thing is we should have patience and we should try our best to come out of such difficult situations. Worrying about the difficulties and not taking any actions will be a bad habit. Even in times of difficulties, we should not lose our cool and we should work out the ways to come out of that problem. We need not worry that always we will be difficulties only.
    Every difficult situation will also pass away and we will have good times also. We should think in that way. Then only we will be successful in our lives.

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    It is the best way to assure oneself that this is a temporary phase and it will go away and good times will be again there. So it is a positive thinking only. I have many times used this in my life as well as while consoling others.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The saying: even this will pass away has the power to motivate. The problem with me is that I forget it when I am in any trouble, but use it very frequently to my loved ones when they go through some rough patch. I use it to give them some strength and hope. I believe, if I can convince someone through the saying, then it can help him/her to be stress-free.

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