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    Superstitions - Do you still exist in the 21st century

    Superstitions in India are spread through out. It has no religion or faith. Everyone has some or the other belief and stories to believe. Superstitions can be of various kind, from simple to the most unorthodox. Some we follow blindly, some we say is common and some are compelled by others.

    Earlier, we could speak, was lack of education or technology but now? What is the reason, that many of us has a reason of even knowing that it's a superstition, we still follow it? Why is it that we tend to believe it even after knowing the truth?

    We are living in the 21st century, with best education, best technology, best study of a subject but ponder before crossing it. Is it not the fear of loosing or lose of faith which make us believe in it. This is not only the case of illiterate people but even the literate and degree holders have their hand soaked in it.

    Now, I too have a small superstition in me - Like when watching a match of India, I tend to start from middle of over, i.e. after 2-3 overs are bowled for both the innings as if I happen to watch it from the 1st ball, India has lost if the 2nd inning is not watched from the 1st ball. I have noticed it in the 2011 & 2015 world cup and so, this year world cup, I follow it only after the 1st over is bowled.

    Now, our members can also give their view and any superstition which they follow.
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    Superstitions are everywhere in one form or other. These are the beliefs embedded in our genes from the earliest human beings on the earth who might had acquired them due to fear of natural calamities which came in their lives in an unpredictable manner. So, today, even the educated people can have superstitions in their modern forms, which of course forcing them to adopt certain practices or actions to mitigate them. Superstitions are categorised as the fear of our own minds and if found true then in some cases, remain rigidly in our minds and we do not dare to break them. Luck, fate and destiny are the true cousins of this entity called superstition and many people believe in them to shape the success in the coming events or results. So due to this factor the superstitious predictions reign the world in the same way as they ruled the primitive times. Only thing is their outer forms and appearances have changed.
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    You have already explained the reason for your 'small superstition' while watching the cricket match of the India team. Every superstition is just like that. Many people have apprehensions that if certain things are not done in a particular way they will not get the desired results. I have heard about some players' superstition of wearing a particular accessory before any match. Maybe the fearful mind chooses superstition to keep away the fear. We want everything to happen in the correct way and thus indulge in some acts to tell our mind that nothing wrong is going to happen. So it's the same everywhere. Whether you study a subject well or not is not the concern, rather your main concern may become the use of a particular pen with which you wrote well your first examination.


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    Superstition can't have any reason. It is a belief which has no logic. Earlier during the cricket matches of India, if the team was playing well, I didn't change the seat/position during the match. I used to believe that if I changed the position, the good run of the team would be lost and the team would be defeated.

    Now, I have got over this superstition.

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    We acquire superstitions from the society we belong and the society in which we live. They do not have any rational or logical background but as some people believe in them and tell others about it and affirm their effects so the superstitions continue to reign even in the modern age.
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    Superstitions die hard. We all know this. There is no reasoning for these superstitions.
    When I was working in a company when I was using a specific shirt I got some bad news that happened in the workplace when I was in the house. So I stopped using that shirt. I have not given it to anybody also. I used it as a cleaning cloth in the house and then discarded it. I know it is a superstition but I couldn't overcome that.
    Mainly we will have these superstitions due to fear of failure or losing the race.
    My father will see auspicious time for each and every activity and then only he will start. When he starts his journey also he will see for a good time and then only he will start. By any chance, if he has to start without seeing that he will be having some or the other problem in the journey.

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