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    Concerns over adding money to Paytm wallet

    Does anyone use their Credit Card to add money to their PayTm wallet? Is there a fee or any hidden charges applied by the credit card companies for using the card to add money to a digital wallet? What has been your experience?

    I recently subscribed to Bigbasket Daily because the vendor supplying milk in my complex has gone into a collaboration with the company. I have to add money to the big basket wallet and want to explore different options.

    Please share your experience if you have used your credit card to add money to your Paytm wallet. Which is the best method for adding money to the Paytm wallet? I am concerned about any charges that I might have to pay.
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    Now I am not using Paytm but I was using it earlier and then it was not charging any money on the transaction from credit card to Paytm. Later when they found that people are first crediting money from the credit card to Paytm and then transferring it to their bank account then they wanted to curtail this malpractice and announced that they will charge 2% on the amount transferred from credit card to Paytm. Meanwhile they also announced that the money transferred from credit card to Paytm will not be allowed to go either to any other Paytm account or any bank account. Whether these things they are still following that you have to check from your Paytm passbook or transaction history or monthly statement.

    As regards the credit card company charging for it, as per my knowledge they do not charge any fee for it and it is just like an ordinary merchant transaction for them.

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    Even though there is no money in our Paytm account using our credit card we can pay through Paytm. There is an option for that. There are no charges for that. I use Paytm many times in this way. But transferring money to Paytm account through credit card will attract 2 % charges.
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