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    Beware of the point of no return

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    As a human being we are prone to be attracted towards vices if we fall in bad company or if we are trapped in such environment. Once we acquire some bad habits then slowly we become addicted to them and then are totally arrested under its spell. Specially, things like drugs and other similar addictions are very dangerous and some people are so much engrossed in them that there is no point of return from it. We must be careful and alert in our life not to fall prey to these lures and indulgences as these will ruin our life and there will be no coming back. In such a scenario, it is imperative that we should always choose a good company and try to have friendship with virtuous people so that we learn good traits from them.

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    A well advance information for all, especially the young and new generation folks. Falling in bad company or joining a gang that seems like cool and yo-yo is not a new thing, we have often heard about such incidents and cases earlier but as there were less media coverage, was hidden.

    It is very hard to get out of their trap and at times risky. They may even threthen you as you know everything about them and you can become a threat to them.

    It is everyone duty to seek out good company as it will always help you to grow.

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    A very important message is brought out in this thread. While it is essential to be in a good company if someone chooses a bad company we should find a way out to bring the person back in the mainstream. At times, it can be too dangerous to tread in that path and if someone reaches the point of no return then it's absolutely beyond anybody's control. If somebody falls in the trap of such companies, others knowing it should make the person understand about the consequences. If possible, counselling sessions for those addicted persons may be arranged after consultation with the organizations working with drug addicts.

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    Always it is essential to be in a good company. Even though we are good but when we are in a bad company slowly we will get their bad habits. Getting good habits is difficult but imbibing bad habits is very easy. When you are sitting with a group of people who will drink limitless, slowly you will also get that habit. But you can't make the other persons stop drinking. The problem is more for young people who just come out of the family and stay in the hostel for education. They feel they got freedom and the bad people will easily influence them. Strict self-control at this age is very important.
    A good message from the author.

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    It is very true that many of us are week and fall prey to vices. These are the temptations in our life which give us temporary pleasures but harm us in many ways in the long run. The youngsters are more prone to them and become a victim of these indulgences. Drugs and narcotics are the most harmful of the lot. Drinking and smoking also become a lifelong addiction. It is easy to start these things in our life but very difficult to get rid of. It is definitely advisable to prevent them rather cure them at a later stage when there is no hope of it.
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    Very good thought by the author.

    We have read in the childhood that a person is known by the company he keeps. Usually, bad habits are easily adopted by the people, I have seen people who easily get trapped and fall prey to the addition of drugs. In colleges when the youngsters don't know what they will get by adopting these bad habits, they easily get trapped and spent afterwards. It's not easy to quit drugs, smoking and drinking alcohol when you regularly take them. People think that they won't get addicted but they slowly get addicted to them. I know many people who smoke just for a passion and get addicted and could not quit after even knowing that they are damaging their body. It's very true that one cannot get rid of bad habits easily. Also one must think when they don't give anything in return why should we adopt them.


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