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    If Everyone talked To The Point

    [This thread wins the joint first prize for the June topic-based TOW]

    Round and round we talk with each other, with some kind of circumlocutions every time, The world today where everyone says something and does something else. A period defined as Kalyuga in Indian mythology.
    No one is to the point, What if we all were unable to tell the lies? What if there was no such place for fabrication and manufacturing of lies? What if there was no scope for lies in the language? and everyone speaking to the point and truth.
    Can we imagine a world to sustain If everyone speaks out their mind to the point? If they speak Exactly what they seek. Isn't it utopian to imagine a language a world where everyone is to the point?
    If there would have existed a Satyuga, was it has been a utopian, with people and their opinion to the point.
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    As you mentioned, it's Kalyug and what can we expect - people producing lies at a fast pace in order to keep up with the flow. Everyone has a masked face. The one with the best lie is always considered the right person and we will find him/her is loved by public unless and until the mask is removed and he /she is torn apart.

    In today's world, the so called "Kalyug", if we are true, nobody will stand with and for you. Everyone is looking to get favor by one or the other way. So the utopian vision is out on context.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    The author has described an ideal condition which is not only difficult but impossible to achieve. However, we can imagine about it and become happy for some time.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    If everything happens said in the post we will be in Rama Rajya. As per Hindu mythology, Rama Rajya is the best period where people never lied and stood for what they said and they did what they do. Those days people like Ravana are very less. Even Ravana is a good devotee of Shiva. He is a very great personality expect for only one bad deed that is kidnapping Sita. But these days we see all the rulers are self-centred and they don't have any concern for the people and their well being.
    If everybody does what they tell it will be a paradise on earth.

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