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    So, what's there in a name?

    Since childhood, we have heard that Japan is called the 'Land of the rising sun'. There are obvious reasons for it and many places in the world got a title because of some specific characteristics related to the city/state. In India also you will find such places, like Jaipur, which is known as the 'Pink City'. Kolkata has been termed as 'City of Joy' by the French author Dominique Lapierre. Yes, the people here are always joyful and love to celebrate every occasion. Their enthusiasm adds a special flavour to the occasions and the mood of the whole city changes during festivals. Be it the Durga Puja or an international cricket match played at the Eden Gardens or the Derby match between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan, the city becomes vibrant. At the same time, I am very much pained because of the activities of different organizations/people residing in the city. On 1st and 2nd of July, the association of the app-based cabs and also the metered cabs called a strike. The commuters here had a harrowing time. A few days earlier, the doctors of the government hospitals were on strike hampering the hospital services, before that the lawyers went on a strike for about a month. All of them have certain demands and they found strike is the only option to press for their demands. I am not going to discuss whether the strikes have any logic but I must say that there are people who are so enthusiastic to call for a strike at the drop of a hat. The situation is such that someone may term this city as a 'city of strikes'.
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    It is unfortunate that West Bengal is having a series of agitations, demonstrations and other representations from different groups of people at different times. Whether it is due to the lack of governance of the ruling regime or the failed communist ideology, things are not smoothly take place in this state since quite some time. In such a scenario the name 'City of Joy' does not seem commensurate with its image and it is natural that if the given name is not matching it will become a case of mocking the name. A name characterise a place and people remember it for its correct affiliation and unambiguous meaning. If it is contrary to those expectation the mismatch will catch everyone's attention. So, there is much in the name but we have to maintain the dignity of that otherwise there is nothing in a name.
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    Names are given to a place based on certain good attributes of the place and people consider it in that way only. It only symbolizes the good part associated with that particular place. If the people or the authorities of the place do not maintain the grace and reputation commensurate with the name then the name gets defamed and becomes a matter of laughing.
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    Strikes are a common tactics of union. It was first started as a agitation against injustice but latter becomes normal for many who don't want any change. This is mostly known tool in the communist.

    Kerala is known as "God's own country" but here too, I find strike for each and every thing. A strike if the teacher beat a student, for rise in tickets, for death of patients in hospital, if new business is about to set, if any one say anything against a party.

    Strike should be done but in peace. Here the strike always end in loss of life, property and resources. Every state has a problem and if it is studied and discussed, can be solved but the people in power or the one who is handling the situation turns a deaf ear to the request of it's people which turns into violence.

    A strike is a move done by people, showing their resentment with the ongoing or proposed thing and it needs to be put forward in a healthy way. Why do the government take action only when major harm has taken place. A point to note and thought about.

    Every name has its own valve and fame and it is the duty of the people to keep up with i's name and prove that the name given is worth it.

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    There is a place called Konaseema in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. The atmosphere and greenery resemble Kerala in many ways. This place is called "Mini Kerala". Like this, we will find many places with some specific names. The capital city of East Godavari District of AP is Kakinada. It is known as Senior Citizen's Paradise as the place is very calm and quiet and people will live in harmony.
    Once upon a time trade union activities were on top. They used to threaten the management with stikes and bundhs etc. But slowly the situations changed and the frequency of these strikes has come down. These days union activities are very less.
    But due to the administration problems and the political issues, the situation in West Bengal is becoming bad and the government should look into these issues and see that the State will be a good place for the people to live.

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    Generally, the communist-ruled places are prone to frequent Strikes, hartals and bandhs. In India, Kerala and West Bengal are the two states where communists exist.

    I approve your title to Calcutta as "City of Strikes" and to Kerala as "State of strikes"

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    I disagree because if I agree that Kolkata should be termed as the city of strikes, then it would be an insult to those striking doctors, especially the injured one. Everyone has a right to live, and when it gets threatened, then protest is a must. The strike would not have continued if the government had been a little sympathetic towards the docs.

    India became free because of various agitations. It is right that most of the citizens suffer, but for their relief, a section of citizens cannot be made to suffer. Nowadays, no one listens to the talks, but a protest forces the government to take some right steps. Kolkata is ruined not because of the strikes called by the lawyers and docs, but because of ill governance. When there is wrong done to the working class, then protest is a weapon to make the government understand its fault.


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