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    Task force suggests measures for conservation of forests in Western Ghats in Karnataka.

    A task force was constituted by the Karnataka Govt for conservation of forests of Western Ghats in Karnataka. The task force has now given its report and given some recommendations. The task force has recommended for special status for the 11 districts falling in these areas after which there will be reservation in education and employment for the people living in or close to these forests. The task force says that this measure will generate the employment potential for the local people.

    Other recommendations by the task force are - regulation of heavy earth machinery in the region, conducting tree census, protection of sacred groves, ecotourism policy, protection of elephants corridors, establishing fish conservation reserves etc.

    If it is approved by the state and agreed by the centre then many modernisation schemes in the forests of Western Ghat will not be allowed especially which are disturbing the ecosystem of the area. The diversion of rivers and aggressive planning of roads and railways will also be not allowed.

    Do you think that this types of strict steps are required to conserve our forests and ecosystem or we should adopt a moderate policy in this regard? Please share your views.
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    Yes. It is very essential to have strict legislation to save forests and avoid deforestation. Otherwise, we will be having no trees on the earth and water and air scarcity will be very high. Protecting trees and conserving forests is the requirement of the day. This is a very good move by the Karnataka government and it is good that the Central government also approved the same. All over the country, this type of strict implementations of recommendations given by the task force should be adopted so that we will have a good amount of trees and we will have plenty of water and air.
    The central government should make policy and ask all the State governments to implement the policy. Plantation should be done on war foot basis and there should be a punishment if somebody is cutting the trees. I think this is the need of the hour.

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