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    Is God happy for giving birth to the human race?

    The title of the thread must not have surprised you. Every news of murder, rape, revenge, dishonesty, lack of generosity, and other sick attitudes of mankind make me feel that though we consider ourselves to be the best creation of the Almighty, does God feel the same?

    Inhumanity is increasing by manifolds every day, sufferings are intolerable, but very few of us share the pain. We love to talk, discuss, spread rumours, highlight hate from our comfort zone, but fail to extend helping hand towards the sufferers. Helpers are few, but predators are more in this world. Thus, human beings lack humanity, so God must be lamenting for giving birth to humans.
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    Of course, God will not be happy to give birth to human beings. He might have never thought that human beings will become enemy of themselves in the future. There will be no humanity sort of thing in the future.

    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    Excellent thought. The author expressed her concern for the situations in the present-day society in a very nice way. When we see a beggar who is feeling hungry, we may give him a few rupees to have food. But when we find him purchasing a beer bottle with that money we feel bad thinking why we have given money for this man. Now I think t the God may be feeling the same at this moment.
    As the days are passing we are seeing selfishness more in the people. Live and let live concept is vanishing. Kill others for your living is becoming the concept of the day. I think this is mainly due to the disparities among people and the large gap between the well to do and poor people. If that gap can be brought down we may see a lot of change and things may improve. Let us hope that good sense prevails and the people will change in such a way that the creator will never feel bad about his creations.

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    Those who believe in God and theory of creation of the universe by God will definitely think in this direction that God might not be happy with His own creations that is human beings. Out of all the species known so far the human is the supreme as regards to brain and intelligence. The consciousness in the humans is something extraordinary which is not seen elsewhere. Unfortunately, the humans have used their brain in negative and destructive activities and that is the reason why the humanity is suffering today. The dark side of the humans is dominating the Earth bringing offense, misery and distress in the life of many of us and that is going to be a big challenge in the future.
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    God, our creator know everything and before a person is born, he knows his full story. God knows the past, present and future of each and every one.

    Many of us know the avatar taken by God's were for the purpose. Even the rakshas had their role to play. Now in bible, the birth and death of Jesus had a purpose. and we might have read that when the sin was at its peak and God wanted to destroy the city of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:24). Abraham pleads for the lives of any righteous people living there, God agrees to spare the cities if 10 righteous people can be found, the count goes on decreasing but God is ready to wait but only Lot's family was found to be True. God destroyed the cities by "sulfur and fire" because of their wickedness.

    To be true, When, we ourselves are not happy with the current situation how can God, our creator be happy. He loves us so much and want us to lead a happy and peaceful live but the world is going the other way - " Kalyug" to say.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    The creator whom we call God is busy finding a solution for all the misdeeds happening around us. All the creations are small parts of the creator and we can easily try to find the creator inside each of the creations. Being unhappy cannot change the situation. So, God might be disturbed but working overtime to find a solution. If we are unable to help the sufferers and depend on God thinking that they will be rescued by God then we ourselves are not doing justice. The author has correctly said that predators have increased manifold and outnumbered the persons who extend their helping hands. Those who are indulging in misdeeds realize later that whatever was done by them is not correct and repent, though it becomes too late. Let every wrongdoer realize what they are doing or have already done. If they are unable to realize let's unitedly make them realize. Let every one of us do our bit to make this world a better place to live in and then only God will again be happy.

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    The author has brought a good subject and it is really a very bad situation that there is so much cruel and inhuman acts going in the society which we are not able to control and seeing happening helplessly. If we believe that God created us then He will also be very unhappy with this state of affairs and may punish us for our such deeds.
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    God had not done anything to regret or feel unhappy.
    HE has given the extra sense for human beings to choose from right and wrong. God has also prescribed(as per traditional Indian belief) that humans will be to take many rebirths as per their 'Karma Phala' or the consequences of their actions. Those who do only right are liberated and get Moksha. But those who commit sins or wrongdoings have to suffer from rebirths in accordance with their paapa and punya.

    It is just like a well oiled corporate system. Once the policy and system is in place the implementation is as per the system and guidelines. There is no interference in micro level by the top boss. The system takes care of it. Ills are shed out r punished. Worthy are retained and encouraged.

    Under God' s creation human beings are solely responsible for their own actions. God is not responsible for the wrong choice of action, as He had already given the rational mind to humans.

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