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    What a service to the customers satisfaction!

    If I say that South Indian hotels, especially Tamilnadu, provides the cheap and best delicious food, you won't disagree with me.

    When I visited a small town in my district, I visited a decent hotel and asked for two idlies costing Rs. 10/- each only. The server brought a large plate with a neatly cut banana leave in it, with two good bright looking soft idlies with varieties of four Chutneys ( Coconut, Tomato, Pothina, Goriander)and Sambhar and Milagupodi. And also a small cup of Kesari(sweet)..

    What a eat and what a service! For two small idlies, seven supporting items!

    Members, Do you have something to say on this? Have you seen something better than this?
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    I have something to say about it.
    In Bangalore, Congress Party's Indira canteens (inaugurated by Rahul Gandhi), you will get all these items even less than the price you mentioned here.You can check with your Bangalore friends.

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    I am in Bengaluru. I am yet to visit Indira canteen. The canteen is purely meant for the poor and downtrodden to get their stomach filled by cheap food. It won't be a wonder as the contractors do it at government expense. It is our money goes as the tax that comes back in the form of cheap food.

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    Indira canteens are not meant for poor and downtrodden. I was there at the time of its inauguration. It was meant for all people. They constructed many nice canteens at different places in Bangalore. Neatly built and well maintained. It was a good one and half year before. I do not know about its present status.
    I recommend you to go there and have food once, if possible.

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    Never heard about the mentioned hotels but as both the members have described, should be recomembed to others also. A good post and nice to hear such hotels do exist.
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    Yesterday's newspaper says that the quality of food served in Indira canteen is substandard. There is a scandal in the canteen. Let us talk about the hotels run privately. I have visited many hotels in Tamilnadu, and yet to see a hotel I mentioned in this thread. There is no limit to get the side dishes. Extra is also provided on demand.

    I do not think Indira canteen serves free Sweet Kesari with charged Idly.

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    I do not have anything to say. From the description in this thread, it is understood that the quality was very good and the price of the food was also reasonable. Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of any business and when the satisfaction is evident from the words of the customer it is undoubtedly a huge reward for the business owner. The quality, quantity, price and hospitality - everything seems to be excellent in that restaurant and I hope the restaurant remains crowded all the time because of all the good things they offer.

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    You may be correct. I left Bangalore six months before. I do not know the current status. During initial days it was good. Items were limited and also there were timings. It was Congress Party's idea, just like Amma Canteen in Tamil Nadu.Once, I went there for breakfast with a politician's attire (White Kurta and Pyjama), and they thought that I am from Congress Party. Many people came to me and showed their respect. I was terribly surprised! The cost of the breakfast was Rs 5/ and I got one thousand rupees worth of respect!!
    That is why I am recommending you to go there once!

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    The customer satisfaction is derived from a quality product at reasonable or cheaper rates. Nothing can beat it. The example given by the author is one such bench mark which in my knowledge is difficult to break by any private enterprise. The Govt subsidised canteen is altogether a different type of business and is being compensated by the huge subsidy or capital supplied by the Govt in terms of the free infrastructure like building, utensils, electricity, furniture, water etc. Long back in one of the lanes of Chandni Chowk in Delhi I had eaten a Paratha with vegetable which was so nicely presented but was so cheap that I did not believe it that time. It was half of the price elsewhere and the shop had a bumper sale and we had to wait 10-15 minutes to get a Paratha. A customer will visit such places time and again. It is the customer satisfaction.
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    A good example of customer satisfaction. Getting idlis so cheap and that also with all the side dishes and a little sweet dish also. The shopkeeper must be running the shop with a small profit margin. Now a days in good shops we do not get idlis in less than Rs 15-20 per piece.
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    Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of the business. Added to this if the cost is less that will be customer delight. In AP the government started a food canteen where the food is served for Rs. 5/-. The quality of the food is good. Similarly in Telangana also the government is serving meals for Rs.5/-. This is supposed to be for poor people but many people go to these places. The food will be served only at lunchtime. people will go and eat there.
    In some small villages in these Telugu states, we get good idly for Rs.10/-. They will be served very neat and clean. But the water will be given ordinary water only. It is better if we carry our own water there.
    The cost depends on the place and the cost of living there. In Hyderabad, even in small restaurants the cost of a plate of two idly will be minimum Rs.20/-.

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    Next time when I visit that hotel, I will take a photo of that plate with Idly and Chutneys, Sambhar and Kesari, and attach it here.

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