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    Why not we ISCian enhance and improve our English Vocabulary in this way?

    After a good grammar, a good vocabulary is essential in any language. Though we all have learned to read, write and speak English, many of us lack good vocabulary. Many good words are not known to us.

    My "One Post One New Word" policy would help us to achieve this.

    Here is my "One Post One New Word" suggestion to enhance our vocabulary.

    Whenever a member posts a thread or post responses to a thread, let the member choose a new word and add it at the end of the message as per below example.
    Message /response Text A...........................z.
    LAW (Learn a word): Huddle
    Meaning: Crowd together - Curl one's body into a small place - a number of people or things crowded together.
    Usage: Rahul Gandi resigned and all the senior Congress leaders have gone into a huddle to select their new leader.

    @ Your good recommendation, views and comment, please.
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    Yes, vocabulary can be increased through reading a lot and practising using them and if a member wishes to increase her/his vocabulary by adding in the posts a new word recently learnt by her/him it's a good idea. Let there be no format or description for that word because a word which is absolutely new to me may not be a new one to you and you may be using the word frequently in your posts. If we keep a note of the new words learned by us and use it in our posts on a regular basis it will help to increase our individual vocabularies. A good idea!

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    It is a good idea. Even we can add words here itself in this thread itself till this thread is allowed to run.

    I add 'heinous' which means - terrible or horrific or wicked. Generally used with crime. Example: It was a heinous crime committed by them.

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    A good ides. We can use new words in our posts so that we will remember those words and our vocabulary in English will increase. I agree that we need not give any description or special format and all that. But we can use them so that the people reading will understand the word. Generally, when I read any thread if there are any words whose meaning is not known I refer the dictionary and understand the meaning. But some people may understand the same word easily due to having a good vocabulary than me.
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    Learning a new word and increasing the vocabulary is the technique many students practice and if not daily at least a new word in a week can be a good way to enhance the vocabulary. The problem is that learning a new word is ok but if we do not use it in our regular writing then it fades out of our memory. So it is imperative to learn new word but more important is to use them as much as possible. Using new words is definitely a thrill and improves our writing significantly.
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    While most members have supported my suggestion, I would like to see some response from the responsible editors of ISC.
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    It's a good idea and a good way to enhance our vocabulary. Here is my word Laconic: Brief and to the point.

    Sentence: To save time give me a laconic explanation of what happened last night.


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    To know a new word and get it registered in our mind, we need to see the word in a sentence to understand it better. Just a word and its meaning as it appears in the dictionary won't do any good.

    LAW: abject (adj)
    Meaning - Extremely unpleasant
    Usage - 1. They live in abject poverty. 2. She rendered an abject apology.

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    There are many words that you come across everyday, in the form of reply from members, articles, newspaper, etc. Taking initiative to learn it will certainly help to increase our vocabulary.

    1. Word: adage (noun)
    Meaning - A proverb or short statement expressing a general truth.
    Usage - it is vital for every pilot to remember the old adage 'safety first'.

    2. Word: mundane (adj)
    Meaning - lacking interest or excitement; dull.
    Usage - When you take up a job which is of your interest and passion, you will enjoy working. Otherwise, your working will become mundane and compulsion.
    This word is taken from Mr Krishnadas response to the thread Are you passionate about it?

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    I have another word 'Tranquility' to add here. This may not be a tough word for many but I had some confusion about its meaning. Somehow in my mind, this word had an impression of disturbance and disorder. How that notion came in my mind, I do not know. So, whenever I was seeing this word in a piece of prose, I was not able to gather its correct meaning. So I went through the dictionary and found its correct meaning and use.

    Tranquility - It means Calmness. Example: Music brings peace and tranquility in our mind.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Please do not make suggestions which will create chaos in the forum. On earlier occasions as well, when you had suggested correction of English in every response, we had stated that this would end up with back and forth corrections with the main topic of the thread going off-track. Same with this suggestion. Why do you want threads to get derailed? Everyone will be looking for the main text of a thread or a response in a maze-like scenario! Hence, we will not allow this.

    If you or others want to share words and help others to build up their vocabulary, you can use the social hub for putting a new word daily.

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    One more thing, Sun. Please avoid the needless @ in every thread and most of your responses. It is not required and looks out of place. It is used only in an email address as a separator and maybe in finance-related matters.
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    Okay Madam, You don't approve my suggestion, but I approve your denial to consider my proposal.
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