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    Let's see you get creative (Update- Winners announced!)

    This afternoon I received an unsolicited call, from someone promoting their brand of furniture. They make custom-made furniture to suit every budget and style. The person on the other end told me that they have in-house designers and carpenters who make contemporary and traditional furniture.

    The call reminded me of a unique chair that I had seen in a makeshift thatched-roof shop near my home. The vendor would sell organic foodstuff that he sourced from his village a few kilometres from the city.

    I'm sharing an image of the chair. And here's what you need to do -

    Be creative and write a promotional for the chair. Make a pitch of not more than 200 words. There's a minimum word count of 125 words. Your text should not be less than 125 words and not more than 200 words.

    No obscene words and no texting language, please. Submit your entries in the comments section, by 20:00 hours on 11 July 2019. Three best entries will receive a 'Certificate of Creativity' each.
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    Do you have an interest in utilising the old items in an innovative way? If yes, come and let us create useful things out of the old broken furniture and other household items. I am talking of a comfortable armchair out of the remains of an old chair and a few old tyres of car. This is easy to assemble and serves the purpose nicely in a hutment shop like mine. What we need is two or there tyres and just keep them one over other and they will sit firmly and make comfortable height on which the upper arm part of a broken chair is placed. If the tyres slip you can just tie them with a rope and that is it. Believe me, this assembly from old items is as comfortable as a normal arm chair. Let us make this popular in our villages and towns. I call it the innovation at its best. And what is the cost of it? Almost nothing. These are garbage items but now very useful. Come on, let us convert the waste to wealth.
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    Have you seen or do you want a wheelchair that cannot move but bump? Yes. there is a modern wheelchair where you can rest and sleep. Though it has a wheel, it cannot move. The wheels support the chair and give an elevated seat. We can further increase or decrease the height by adding or withdrawing the wheels. Generally, the steel chairs bottom supports get corroded and become week. Since there is no bottom support to this wheelchair, its life is guaranteed. It won't be possible to get such a chair from the market or from any renowned furniture shop. Come, Visit my home and take the wheelchair at a price that you can afford to buy. Else you can make your own chair.
    Hope you are wondering a chair I am talking about. Just go to a scrap shop and get two or three condemned car tyres , and also a scrap steel chair without its legs. Or you may have your own legless chair. Get them to your home, place the tyres one on top of the other, and seat the chair comfortably to sit and enjoy. Make a neat cover for the tyres to hide it. I am sure you will get a bumping joy through this simple chair.

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    While sitting in a chair you want to have a feeling that you are sitting in a four-wheeler. Yes. You need not have a car and you need not go out to sit in the car. Here is our latest innovation of chair on Tyres. We can make you more comfortable for your sitting pose in a very comfortable way. The height and width of the chair can be specified by you and we will tailor-make for your exclusive use. You may have it in your drawing room or bedroom or even in your office room. Many other exclusive models of all types of furniture with special and unique designs for your drawing room to have an elegant look. You can visit our showroom and have a look around for the various options available. A canteen to serve you food at a reasonable cost while visiting our showroom is also there for your convenience. You can enjoy food while seeing the furniture. Expect you soon here with us.
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    Do you know how to create a poor man's armchair from the waste items. Let me tell you how the waste items like old car tyres and old broken armchair can be utilised to make one. The tyres just like that become a comfortable base in place of the legs of the armchair and the upper part of armchair is to be kept on the stack of tyres and that is all required to make it. It is cosy and comfortable. Come on, let us assemble one.
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    Want a multipurpose rocking chair-cum-swing-cum exercise equipment?
    You have come to the right place! It is just waiting for you!
    • A solid chair with cushion base and airy non-sweaty backrest.
    • Two car tires stacked for height adjustment.
    • Shove the handles into the hollow of the tires and you have very safe, low level, accident-proof rocking chair.
    • Lower chair height to 1 tire, sit on it, and place your feet inside the 2nd tire. Stretch your legs and roll left/right to exercise almost whole body and lose extra fat gained from not using health friendly leather covered "executive" ergonomic chairs and bean bags! After 2 months of using this product, you will expose the laziness-inducing comfort chairs and save your hard-earned money!
    • Hang a tire from ceiling with a strong rope, to have a rudimentary swing. (Rope not provided with kit)
    • Added bonus: you get bragging rights to share with your grandchildren the secret of your strength.

    P.S. I would first wash and scrub the kit to make them presentable and attractive.

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    Thank you for your participation. I am announcing the winners as promised. The most creative entries were submitted by Bala, Dr. N.V. Srinivasa Rao and Umesh. Congratulations.
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    This was definitely a creative contest and I thank the author to conceptualise it and then pen it down with the pictures of the innovative arm chair. I am happy to note that my entry was judged as one of the creative ones. Keep continue to post such contest whenever you get such innovative ideas in your mind. It gives us an opportunity to respond and try our skills of writing on the given topic.
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    It seems many members missed this thread. I did notice but could not carry on due to network problems. Anyway, hope to see more such creative threads from the author.

    Congratulations to Bala, Dr Rao and Umesh for coming up with catchy promotionals!

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. -Aristotle

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    Congratulations to winners to their creativity and thank author to bring out such a contest.

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    deleted being duplicate.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I thank the organiser for declaring my post as one of the most creative entries. I received the virtual gift and I thank the organiser for that also. My congratulations to the other 2 winners namely Bala and Umesh.
    This type of contests may create some interest among the members and they may be able to improve their skills by participating in such contests.
    The idea of conducting such contest is to be appreciated and ISC has done that promptly by giving additional points and CC to the organiser. Well done ISC and keep it up.

    always confident

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    I found this contest interesting and unique and participated in it. The idea of picture to promotion was well conceived by the author. Though there was not much participation but some entries were really good and made their impact. The author of the contest has already given her verdict about the best entries and now I congratulate all of them for their good contributions. Well done and keep it up.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Congratulation to the winners, participants and the organiser. This was an out of the box type contest and helped to bring out a salesman prospective approach which is needed to sell or get good product at affordable price.
    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    I am always inspired by real life stories of how the Lord can change some very broken-in-life people; forsaken, oppressed people; how they become persons of great value who uplift others in similar difficult situations with what they gained in own life.

    Glad to accept the prize for this contest. Thanks for all your greetings!

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