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    If you have to point our any four things important for you.

    There are many things which are important in life. For me below are the four important things in life:

    Memories:- These are very important because even if the people leave you, you still have the memories. Bitter or sweet they are enough to keep people in your heart.

    Love:- Money cannot buy you, love. Even you don't have money but you may be happy to have people in life who love you.

    True friendship: It's not easy to find true friends in life. They help you to feel better when you are down. Life becomes miserable when you don't have friends in life.

    Satisfaction:- Everyone expects more but what I believe that one should have a limit to the satisfaction. It's not possible that you may achieve everything in life you desire for. Somewhere in life, you need to limit your expectations.

    These are my important things in life. What's about you?

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    Yes, those four points are important and I think it will be very hard to choose the most important one among them. It will vary from person to person with the addition and deletion of more points. While memories and love are integral aspects of our lives true friendship and satisfaction are the two things people run after. I have seen many people run after true friendship and satisfaction but they hardly get them. Maybe that's why people say it's hard to find both these two.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I humbly suggest you to correct the spelling of 'out' in your post title.

    If I have to point out four important things in my life then I will consider love and affection on the top of it as it is the sweet nectar of life energising us from within. The next thing comes is satisfaction which is another positive attribute and is very necessary for calm and peaceful life. Efforts and hard work are to be made but we have to learn to satisfy with the results. We must understand that results are not in our hand. They could be exceedingly good or harshly adverse.

    After this I will put 'helping others' in this list. It is one of the things which makes you to feel that you have a purpose in your life. Helping can be in many forms. Even teaching the poor and downtrodden children is a great form of helping. Monetary helping is not the only thing considered as charity.

    The last point, I value, is friendship. It is a long lasting relationship and a good friend is a thing of joy for ever.

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    Pls read Our as out as I cannot edit the title on mobile phone.

    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
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    It is a difficult task to indicate four most important things in our life. Generally they will change from time to time depending on situation and circumstances. Still, I consider friendship on the top as this is one thing that we cherish for a life time. We can share our problems even of personal nature with trusted and true friends. The time that we pass and share with the friends is really a great source of happiness and I keep all other things after that only.
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    You said your four points in life. Let me put up my four important points required in our life. It is the basic needs.

    1. Own a house to be comfortable.
    2. Eat well to be healthy.
    3. Dress well to feel proud.
    4. Love to live happily.

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    The four important points will vary from person to person. For some people earning money as much as possible may be an important point. For some spending money may be important.
    I think the following are the four important point for me.
    1. Satisfaction: One should be happy with what we have. We should not compare ourselves with rich people than us and run after earning money. Once our basic needs are fulfilled we should feel happy. Satisfaction will always give you happiness.
    2. Don't go away from values: Onne should give importance to the values in our life. We should not compromise on these values, I feel. To Err is human. Sometimes we may be doing some mistakes. But correct your selves and never forget the importance of values in life.]
    3. Help the needy: When somebody is in a problem if we can help him and let us help him to the maximum extent possible and see what the other person is also happy.\
    4. Treat others like you: if somebody treats to differently you may feel bad. So you should not treat others the way you don't like to be treated.

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    The four most important things to me are –
    Family – I am incomplete without my family. The love and unconditional support that I receive from my family encourages me to set higher goals and strive to achieve them. My family is my strength, in every which way. I know they have my back and will go to any length for me, as I would for them.

    Health – Physical and mental health is of prime importance to me. As long as my health supports me, I can take on anything life throws at me.

    Passion – Grit and drive come from being passionate about things. I believe that you have to be passionate about life and all its aspects. Passion gives you that push you need; passion makes you dream big and achieve those dreams. Passion keeps your hopes alive.

    Books – I can go without a meal, but I cannot be without reading a book. Reading acts as a stress-buster.

    'A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak' - Micheal Garrett Marino

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    As everyone has given their 4 points, I too would like to provide mine :
    1. Family - The true pillar of me. They are with you from your start till you are finished. They are there for you in your ups and downs, sadness and joy, sickness and health, when you have everything and when you don't have anything.

    2. Friends - The stock of junkies which can change your life. They are there with you every time you need them. They trouble you and also when we are in trouble. The ones who can boost you and bring sweetness to your life in even small matters.

    3. Work - We need money to lead a happy life and for that you need to work. The work can be your passion or by force but at the end, when you get the sms of your salary credits, everything feels simple. The smile that it bring to your loved one can never be replaced by any other things and money plays a big role.

    4. Passion - The only thing that drives you to do things that you love and enjoy doing it. It can be anything but if you have passion for a thing, it will never be a burden but the thing you love and want the most.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    Every person have different priorities and importance in their life. I also have such priorities which are as follow:

    1) Love - Of course love is essential part of anyone's life. For me, love is more crucial part as it always provides you support and faith in yourself, healing to the wounds of heart and also it makes you change and correct attitude towards your life.

    2) Friends - I am an introvert person and therefore it is hard for me to engage with people or say social relationships. It is hard for me to make friends and that is why i do not have many friends compare to other people around me. Friends makes our life fun and worth living. Of course, i cannot describe the importance of friendship in words and therefore i do not want to write anymore on this as mere title "friends" is enough to convey the importance itself.

    3) Money - I always believe that money is very important in life but it shall not be only priority over relationships, love, morality etc. Of course, i am aspired to earn lot of money but not in a wrong manner. I want earn not only for me and my family but also to help many other people in need.

    4) Support of my parents, specifically father - I always feel confident when my parents are in open support for anything. As i am more emotionally attached with my father and i always feel this that he, despite i am complex person to understand, tries hard to understand me, his support has been very crucial in my life. He has been my Guru in many aspects. I have learned attitude of life from him. He used to say me to remember one thing that nothing is impossible in life and therefore i am not supposed to have negative mindset. It is helping me a lot today.
    He has also taught me swimming which is also crucial part of my life. He also took interest in my study when i was in school and also taught me basic English. Today, many people appreciates my the command over English language and i always explain them that the base for this was placed by my father. He is the reason why i am answering this thread with this level of drafting and also writing articles on this site which has been appreciated by many people who have read it.

    "Words are precious, ought to be used wisely." - Umang Shah

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