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    Hypertension on the rise in youngsters.

    Generally hypertension (high blood pressure) was supposed to be associated with ageing. It is generally thought to be due to hectic and stressful life of people in the modern times. Now a new alarming trend is being seen that some young people are also complaining of the hypertension. Doctors say that it could be due to poor diet, temperamental nature and unhealthy life style.

    It is also advised that young people should improve their life style and adopt exercising and good food habits in their life otherwise they will not be able to contain this ailment which is a deadly thing and can damage our internal organs.

    Have you seen such cases in the youngsters? What do you think about this?
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    I have seen a few cases in our area and when they were taken to doctor he prescribed some medicines and advised the parents to ask the boy to start exercises and stop eating junk food and sugar items. It seems that the modern life style is taking a toll on our youngsters and they are suffering from this blood pressure in such an early age.
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    Yes. These days even young people are getting high BP. One of my relations who is around 30 years is having high BP. He is taking regular medicines for the same. If he is not taking the medicine his BP will increase. Even 20 years boys also are complaining about this problem. This may be due to the pressure they are having on their mind. Either education or job or some other issues in the house may be making them like this. Taking spicy and salty food is one reason for this BP problem. Another issue is not sleeping properly in the night and feeling uneasy. No Physical exercise and only mind work always will also give rise to this problem. Unnecessary anxiety will also cause this High BP.
    Even I know some girls who are having low BP problem. This is mainly due to not eating properly. Not having good nutritious food is the other main reason for this.

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    High BP was the disease affecting the senior aged people. However this was the matter of the past and as of now , we could see many Youngesters within the age range of 15 and 25 suffering from this disorder. Reasons are obvious - using deep fried foods, Pizza, Burgers,excess ghee, oil and spicy foods etc. Apart from it , they live in the stressful situation always thinking about their secured future, securing a job of their satisfaction or attaining high marks in some competition- these all constitute to elevation of Blood pressure.
    Deprivation of sleep too is responsible for this disorder.
    Taking a Blood Pressure Medicine can check the aggravation of the disease but they must resort to healthy practices in respect of foods, curbing high amount of salt in the diet, inclusion of wall nuts, Almonds and a brisk walking regularly for 30 minutes would eliminate the disease from its basic root. The Youngesters should have analytical mind to address their worries with the application of sound logic. All they need is the positive approach while tackling this disorder.

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    Heredity is also one of the causes of hypertension. Another reason for the condition is a poor lifestyle - unhealthy eating habits coupled with a sedentary lifestyle and a high intake of salt. Some medical conditions can be the underlying cause of high blood pressure.
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