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    What do you understand by CD?

    Yesterday, I happened to see a person wearing a T-shirt in which the following appeared. "I Love CD". When I returned home, I asked some of my family members about the abbreviation CD. One said, "Compact Disk", the other said, "Computer Desktop". Some said, "Cash Deposit". Another fellow said, "Cinema Director"

    When I Googled it I could know something. Do you know what 'I Love CD' exactly means? Let us update.
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    Some T-Shirt companies are selling their T-Shirts and then giving a music/ DJ/ performance CD free along with it. This CD (Compact Disk) contains the musical performance of some artists which are popular among the youngsters. This way the music CD is also advertised and it can be thought as a promotion also. So in all probability this logo 'I love CD' means compact disk only.
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    Nobody can say what exactly it means. Nowadays, many people are creating various abbreviations. At times these abbreviations are created for fun only. Once a person told me that he works in CBI. I had a doubt and after enquiring from a few others I got to know that actually, he is working in the Central Bank of India. Isn't it CBI when you are abbreviating the name of the bank? Earlier, we used to think that CD stands for Compact Disc but the person who printed the T-shirt may have some other meaning in mind just like the 'CBI'.

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    These days we see many quotations on the Shirts and T-shirts of boys as well as girls. CD can be creative director also. Generally, CD these days is Compact disc, Cd is the chemical symbol of Cadmium. When we deposit some money in the bank as a fixed deposit the certificate they will give is also known CD. Here the full form of CD is a Certificate of Deposit. When the detectives and police enquire and make a report when it is a case of death, they will mention the cause of death (CD) in that. CD can be also a communication department. Like this, we may find many abbreviations for CD.
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    I just googled out and it shows that cd means crossdresser. This is most commonly used on dating sites which means the person wearing the dress of the opposite gender.

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    CD reminds me of Chirag Din. CD is the abbreviated name of the brand. In the late seventies and for most of the eighties, the brand was considered a high fashion brand. The company made tee shirts and shirts and advertised them in popular glossies, with the logo embroidered on the shirt pocket.

    I was thrilled seeing a CD store in Colaba when I first moved to Bombay after my marriage. It was a huge store, very plush, with chandeliers and ornate staircase leading to a floor above. It was quite an experience with the staff attired in a smart uniform.

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    CD could mean anything and depends upon the imagination of the T-Shirt makers. Now a days it is a fad to have some T-Shirt where something is written which is difficult to decipher. It could be a brand name or could be a latest fashion trend or could be a free CD supplied along with or indicating opposite gender. Now in this jargon of its full form the real purpose of writing is lost in the crowd and the manufacturer knows that it is sufficient if the written phrase has evoked so much curiosity. I saw one T-Shirt in which it was written - 'We are outsiders'. I tried to find its meaning and one of my friend told that it means that the wearer is alien to this planet. He is from somewhere else and had alighted on Earth with his spacecraft. I was surprised but had to accept the code. There could be many more explanations also.
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    After reading a response, this came to my mind. Why do we search for CD when we have some CD at ISC itself. We have Content Developer at ISC.
    I Love CD can perfectly match to say 'I Love Content Developer'. Is it not?

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    Abbreviations are expanded to mean as per each one's field of education, occupation or geography.

    As I was in banking job, CD would have meant Current Deposit or Certificate of Deposit at that time. Now CD reminds me first of Compact Disk.As I was a Chemistry student, Cd meant Cadmium to us during that time.

    When I was in High School, we went to visit an exhibition in a nearby ITC school. When we reached the ticket counter and asked for entry ticket, the boy at the counter said "No Supply". We wondered and took it as tickets are oversold and now there is no supply of tickets. But what he actually he meant was that there is no power supply-no electricity there at that time. Being an industrial training center, he was using a technical word they generally use.

    Similarly while we have learned about positive and negative in electricity classes in school, the electrician always talks of 'neuter' to mean negative.
    I have to give al smile to the context sense of humour and pun in SuN when he interprets CD as Content Developer in ISC context.

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    It would be helpful if you provide more details about the T-shirt. I am curious to know about the font style in which it was written, any other images in the T-shirt and anything apart from the word "I Love CD". This will help to further narrow down what CD actually means. As far as my knowledge goes, being from an IT background I know that CD is a command used in the Linux systems to change directories and go to whichever directories you want in the server. Maybe CD is intended as Change Direction in life. Just a random guess.

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    Everday new abbreviations are formed and these abbreviations are only to be guessed what they mean. These abbreviations are meant for fun. These words generally are trending. What I guessed for CD is "COOL DUDE"
    T - shirts have hundreds of trendy phrases that attract the consumers.
    I don't think it could mean anything particular.
    Let's guess few more phrases for CD.

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    Tag lines, slogons, catchy lines are the marketing statergies of the company. Many companies have come up with such catchy lines which can mean different things, companies or products, the same as we discussed and many members came up with many new thoughts.

    I have heard about Chirag Din, Compact Disk, Certificate of Deposit, Cool Dude. It depends upon the company he is working or can be just a college group or festival t-shirt which the college student print for certain events.

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    Syed Rizwan,
    I am attaching the printed T-shirt for you and others to have a good look at it

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    Mr. Sun,
    Thanks for posting the pic. I tried various ways to find the meaning of this CD. But I could not get it. All my search ended in Music CD and nothing else. I found a facebook page "I Love CD's" but it is talking about music CDs and nothing else.


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