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    Never argue without a point

    We see these days in many places many discussions and arguments will be taking place. There will be a heavy debate between the people on certain issues. These discussions can be anywhere either in your office or in the house or in a public place also. When we participate in such discussions we should understand the whole issue and argue with a strong point which will be favourable for our argument. If we don't have any point to strengthen our argument we should not argue or we should search for a point which will support our argument. Without a proper point shouting loudly and making unnecessary comments on individuals who are participating in the discussion will be futile. An argument should always be issue-based but not individual-based. This point should always be kept in mind when we participate in a discussion.

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    A good thread which shows the importance of valid points in arguments. The important message in this thread reminds me of the various debates and discussions that are telecast through various television channels these days. Many panellists keep on shouting without any valid point which actually impacts the atmosphere in a bad way. There is no point in participating in debates when someone is unable to give a sound logic to their statements.

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    A post presented well and the idea brought forward very nicely. It is very true and logical that people who discuss without having a point in their support or a valid point in favour of their argument are simply wasting their time as well as the time of the other participants. It also happens that these people quit the discussions in between when they realise that they have done a mistake or given worthless statements. When such flaws are repeated by some people then the other persons get a feel of it and in many cases avoid discussing things with them knowing fully that such people will ruin the healthy discussions by their lack of knowledge or arguing skills.
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    A very well noted point. We need to do the same when we discuss or debate here as many feel they are Targeted and take it on them. We should always have a point to point out and take it as a common question or answer.
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    It's very wise advice as people should not argue without a valid point. There is no meaning of arguing when you don't have the valid points as in such case the argument may reach a point which may convert into a fight or a quarrel. I have seen most of the time in offices and at home, such a situation comes when the arguments become heated. We should try to keep quiet and accept our mistake when we know we are wrong. We should not stretch the arguments when we know the person has a valid point.

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    Arguing without a point is like fighting without a sword and one will lose the battle soon. The building of healthy discussions rests on solid and firm points. These are the foundation stones.
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