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    Devise correct ways to raise your points

    In any discussion or argument, you may have various points to make in favour of your statement. The more valuable the points are the more impact it creates on the discussion. As long as it is a discussion in the workplace, people try to maintain decorum but if it is not the professional field many people can go to certain limits to prove their point. Some try to prove their points by moving their hands and fingers, some shout to prove how correct they are and some may resort to unusual means to prove their point. Actually, everyone wants to be heard and at times can go to that extent which she/he thinks will get maximum attention. The striking/agitating employees also have a point to make and so are the protestors protesting for various reasons. You may devise various ways to raise your points but don't become a laughing stock.

    This is an entry to the TOW contest.
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    If you have no solid points to support your argument or the discussions then gestures, shouting and other mannerism will be of no help. What matters is proper and justifiable presentation of your points which are correctly fitting with the discussion topic. There is no point in beating about the bush. In any discussion the people who give weak points but more body postures are never liked. People avoid them in such talks.
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    Without a point when we want to argue all these issues will come. Shouting and asking others not to talk, threatening and so on so forth will come. There are some people always try to say that they are correct and talk meaningless theories and logics to prove that they are tight. This is not the correct way to behave. I have seen in many places the senior employees and bosses want to take an upper hand in the discussions and they will make their juniors not to talk by their gestures and moments. This is never an advisable trait. When there is a discussion we should give a free hand to other people so that they can express their opinions freely and openly. Then only meaningful and useful discussions will happen and good concluding points will come out. When the point you are bringing in is strong there is no necessity for you to shout or threaten others to accept your point.
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    As put by the author, everyone wants to be heard and in that course takes steps which may not be worth it. We need have patience to hear and also keep decorum for any discussion or debate. It needs to be healthy and both ways. If only one feel he is correct and does not lend ear to others, he may be left alone. Only shouting on top of voice or pin pointing a person is not healthy discussion. Each and every discussion should be taken as a common thing.
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