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    Not now but then...

    Recalling my childhood and college days on the eve of Rath yatra festival, my memory lane went down to those days when I used to spend my regular summer vacation at Berhampur in Odisha. The regular visit to Jagannath mandir at Ghoshi Nagar and a daily visit to the local library might be the good habits I got cultivated since then.

    I became a regular reader of the English news weekly - 'The Illustrated Weekly of India' and it helped me a lot to get updated with current affairs and facing the various competitive examinations. I settled down in life and got no time to search for the mostly fonded magazine 'The Illustrated Weekly of India'. Great Journalists like Kushwant Singh, Kamath and Preetish Nandy pioneered its great journey supported by cartoonists like R K Laxman.

    When did this great magazine fade away? Of course, it was 13th Nov. 1993 but I came to know about it recently.

    Can you share some of your experiences with various such magazines that went into the store of the past?
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    When I was a teen, my parents subscribed to many magazines - Sports Star, Sports Weekly, Reader's Digest, Eve's Weekly and Femina, to name a few. However, the one that I looked forward to was called JS (Junior Statesmen), it was a magazine for young teens.

    What I loved about the magazine were the giant-sized posters, of celebrities, that came with every edition. Posters of Robert Redford, Sylvester Stallone, John Travolta, Amitabh Bachchan, Chris Evert and John Lever and even Raaj Kiran adorned the walls of my room. I don't know when the magazine went out of publication.

    You mentioned Behrampur. I have fond memories of that place. I have travelled to the city three times and each time went shopping for sarees in the old, long and narrow marketplace (I don't know what it's called), on a cycle rickshaw. I have fond memories of stepping into old-fashioned saree shops, where I sat on the floor, as the attendants unfurled sarees after sarees for me to choose. I built my collection of Bomkais, Ikkats and Sambalpurs in Behrampur.

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    We used to go to the district library for reading the magazines. At that time we were reading Science Reporter, Science Today and Illustrated Weekly of India in English language and then Parag, Chandamama, Champak, Dharmyug, Arun, Navaneet, Kadambini and Saptahic Hindustan in Hindi language. Some of these are still continuing though I am not in touch of them. We used to get books from the library but these magazines were not issued to us and we had to read them in the library itself but the time we spent there was not sufficient to do that however we restricted to our interests and scanned through all those magazines selecting some features to read. In Navaneet and Kadambini more articles were there and a few stories and we used to read the stories in them. In Saptahik Hindustan and Dharmyug there were some interesting sections for children and they were our favourites. In Illustrated Weekly of India we had little to choose as our English reading was not much established at that time. We enjoyed Chandamama maximum and read all the stories and short stories there. This thread has rekindled those memories when our target was to finish as much magazines as much possible in that limited time.
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    In my childhood, we used to get a stories monthly magazine called Chandamama. This was being published by the famous Telugu movie maker Chakrapani. The stories were very interesting and we used to purchase and read that magazine regularly. After some time they started printing the same book in English also. No sooner the book was coming myself and my sister used to have the fight to read it first. But later the publication of that magazine is stopped and these days I am not finding that magazine anywhere.
    Similarly, there was a Telugu Newspaper by the name " Andhra Patrika". I think Sivalenka Sambhuprasad was the Editor. They used to give all the correct news only. Even though there was a delay in reporting the news, they used to report correct news only. My grandfather used to purchase this daily every day and we used to read that paper without fail. But now that paper also disappeared and I think they discontinued the business.

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    I remember Sarita, Madhuri and Parag as the hindi magazines which were coming to our house along with the newspaper and we were always waiting anxiously for them and as soon as they came we used to take them in our lap to read or see the pictures. We used to read mainly stories in them and sometimes some features related to cooking and how to do it stuff. Sarita is still there but I do not know about the other two. I still read Sarita which is a very good magazine from hindi story point of view and the magazine contains other information also.
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    I remember in childhood we were fond of reading Champak which used to contain lots of moral stories. I don't know if still comes.

    Also, my mom used to buy Grahshobha which is a very good magazine and one could read very good stories in it as well. Later we started taking various comics and novels on rent for a day and uses to spend most of the time reading them but suddenly that hobby disappeared with cable tv. And now when I don't have much time I cherish those memories of the fantasy world.


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    Reading books and magazines was a good way of spending time those days. I remember reading Illustrated weekly,Femina, Readers Digest and Enid Blyton stories. We never bought novels and story books, we would lend read and pass on to our friends. Phantom and Tarzan comics too were my favouites. Books were the best gifts given when some relative came to visit us.These books were treasured for years .
    Reading before going to bed had become a habit in our family. My brothers would read James Hadley Chase and other thrillers.
    Fairytales too were my favourite,

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