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    Points to be pressed

    I am talking about some points on our body; which are to be pressed to have better health. A branch of science- Acupressure studies says that there are some points on our body which helps in improving energy flow through the body.
    Although there is little research done on this, it is considered as a traditional Chinese treatment and even in India also, many practitioners support acupressure therapy along with the medicines.

    There are different points for different problems, and many of the points are present of palm and wrist area, foot, and face which are easy to use for self-treatment. For example, by pressing a point between thumb and index finger, one can cure his/ her stress, neck pain, toothache, shoulder pain, etc.
    There is less study done in the direction of Acupressure but being treated externally, it is not having any side-effects.

    This is my entry for June 2019 Topic-based TOW: Point
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    True. Acupuncture treatment is getting importance in our country also. One way it is good that there are no medicines to use and no side effects. There is another method of treatment similar to this known as Suzok. In this treatment , the various points on our hand will be pressed and that will give relief to body pains, leg pains, This treatment useful for even for snoring and weight loss.
    The author used the point in a different way and informed all about the the preceding technic used in acupressure treatment. Good.

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    I have heard about acupressure but I don't know if it's beneficial or not. I know many people who say that they were benefitted by it but personally speaking I tried this it for a few days but was benefitted. Maybe when someone goes for this therapy the benefits are not instant it takes time.

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    There are many alternative system of curing and acupuncture or acupressure are among them. Other notable are Homeopathy, Ayurveda etc. These are not proven scientifically but have been adopted by people at large seeing their curative properties. It is also found that success ratio of these alternative systems is not like the modern medicines and to some extent they are always in the circle of doubt as per their statistical success ratio. The believers and advocates of these systems tell that for these remedies to be effective, a person should have complete faith in them otherwise they will not be successful in their intended purpose of curing the ailment. Still, one can try these to take advantage of them.
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    Interesting post on points to be pressed. Yes, many people use acupressure for relief of pains and other problems in the body. In many cases it works miraculously though a few people complain that it did not do any good to them. I think it is to be done on a repetitive basis to see the results and one time application may not bring any positive result.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Interesting title that itself can be interpreted to mean the different connotations of word 'point'. One of which is the core subject of the thread.

    Good attempt. Thread serve both purposes- of complying the TOW requirement as well as giving an information too.

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    Good post to show the use of point for relief and to relax. There are many points which when pressed can help you relax and even cure you from certain diseases. We need to know the correct points.

    The pressure points are mostly on our palms, feet and head. There are many courses which provide you with the details of acupressure and the points that are related to which organ and related diseases.

    The correct usage has helped many people but still compete study on the subject is remaining. Many have come forward as proof for the study and it's effectiveness but still complete acknowledgement is remaining.

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