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    How come people always talk about your flaws?.

    There are many reasons why people do it and for me below are the three main reasons for it:

    Jealousy: People do it because they are jealous of others and due to this jealousy they try to find flaws in others. It's very common for people as it's very easy to find flaws in others.

    Truth: Few people are genuine and they speak the truth and rightly find the flaws in others. Their intention is to make people improved by working on those flaws.

    Manipulative: Such people manipulate and try to find flaws in others to make themselves good in the eyes of others. Such people are very dangerous and one should be careful of them.

    I rarely find 2 category these days but I won't mind if someone finds faults in me to improve myself. What about you? Do you like being criticised even if it's truth?.
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    If there is a mistake with me and somebody points out it, I have no problem and I will try to rectify myself. But some people keep their mistakes within themselves and always try to find fault with other people. That is nor being liked me. A good critic is always good for us but unnecessary criticism is not be welcomed, I feel.
    It is very easy to find fault with us. But before finding faults with others, we should introspect ourselves whether what we are doing is correct.
    In a Telugu movie, the heroine was found to be guilty and all the people start to throw stones on her. Then the hero comes and stops them saying that if she is at fault we can punish her, but the first stone should be thrown by a person who never did any mistake. Then no one comes forward to throw a stone on her.
    It is truly out of jealousy many people try to find fault with others.

    always confident

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    Criticising is a basic trait in human beings and whether it is due to jealousy or to help genuinely, it is there. Sometimes some people want to show that they know a lot of things so they will try to correct you at every opportunity and show their superiority. Some will simply do it to let you down on these occasions. Most of us have this trait inherent in us and we can not control ourselves to give our comment on everything whether it is accepted or not. Sometimes criticising is in a very bad taste and it also hurts the recipient but the criticiser is oblivious of this.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It is a natural tendency but not a good habit. One should as far as possible refrain from criticising. It does no good. If it is done in positive and helping mode for the improvement of the person then that is alright otherwise it can create ill feeling between the people.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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