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    Anagram - have you ever tried to rearrange letters in a word or phrase?

    Anagram is an interesting thing in English where one has to make a word or a phrase out of the given word or phrase using all the letters only once. They are a good source of fun for the word game lovers and crossword enthusiasts.

    For example 'The eyes' is an anagram of 'They see'. In fact both are anagram of each other. There are many many such combinations like 'binary' and 'brainy'.

    In crossword puzzles, anagrams are sometimes hidden in the clue phrase somewhere in between and are difficult to decipher. But if done they give the solution to that clue.

    Have you ever tried anagrams? Please share your experience or try them now.
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    While trying to solve crossword puzzle I have encountered with a few of them though it takes time to see all the permutations of the letters to find the hidden word. Otherwise also anagram in itself is a good activity generating creativity in assembling the viable words from a set of letters using them all once only.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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