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    Conspicuous display of wealth may please be avoided

    Marriages are always fairly grand affairs in middle class weddings. Yet, there is so much of display of wealth, particularly gold jewelry in most cases. Sometimes this provokes feelings of jealousy and also invites unwanted comments from so many others who may not have such resources. It is quite common that people from various segments of people are invited for weddings and it is possible to see people from the lower middle classes in weddings.

    Nevertheless, even if someone is rich, the open display of wealth may be avoided. This gives rise to various problems and does invoke negative feelings and emotions at some points in time. In a country where a vast majority is deprived of even ordinary comforts it is wise to be simple and also humble.
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    Tere is a saying that 'if you have it, you flaunt it'. So the rich and affluent will show off because they have it and if they do not show off how others will come to know that they are having good wealth.

    I agree with the author in totality that they should not do it. But the reality is something else. The gents have purchased expensive dresses and ladies have bought costly jewellery. What they will do of it if they do not wear them on the marriage eve and dance in front of the middle class or poor spectators. So human nature is like that and they will not agree with our proposition. A large portion of business today is thriving on these show offs and if people become simple like some of us their business will be ruined and they will have to search some other alternative to earn their livelihood.

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    What you said is applicable to the south Indians, especially the Tamil rich who likes to showcase the jewels they own. It used to be in Kilos hanging on their necks and wrists. I generally don't like it. I advise my family members not to overload their necks with jewels. Who knows! The burglars must be watching and planning an attack to take away your possession.
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    Generally, ladies will have a fancy to wear costly clothes and jewellery on special occasions like wedding parties and other functions. Normal days they may not use them regularly. So their argument will be what is having these items? Are we to keep them always in bank lockers only? Oneway it is also correct. They should also have some chance to wear the items. As far as that is considered I think their argument is also correct. But the problem is by seeing these people the people who don't have those items may feel jealous. But all may not think that way but definitely, some people will be there. We can't avoid.
    There is no necessity of showing richness to all. All people know who is rich and who is not. But too much show off by the rich will definitely make the other people have negative feelings and definitely, they will start commenting on the people who are making too much show-off. So it is always better to be as down as possible to the earth even though we are well to do.

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    A thought provoking thread by the author. Why should we show off our wealth? Why we can not have the function in a simple way? These are the questions which require serious thinking. The rich are the very important part of the society. People will follow what rich people are doing. We copy their ways. Until rich people change their ways nothing can be done.
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    This is so common in the Southern states. There is an obsession with gold, which I find weird. The author is right, I have witnessed weddings where women were walking around with at least a kilogram of gold, if not more. The brides are laden with gold ornaments.

    I think it is more in Andhra Pradesh. The amount of gold the women own is shocking. I was once speaking with an acquaintance about this obsession for gold, and her response was logical if you look at the Indian mindset. She told me that women wear gold to let others in their family and society know that she is married into a well-off family and that her husband takes good care of her. It is a way of signalling prosperity.

    In the South, women always wear a lot of gold, even in their everyday life. It is common to see women with thick gold chains. No wonder there are so many incidents of chain-snatching and mugging.

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