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    That's what you ask - What's the point.

    Now that is the thing anyone and everyone looks for in your statements. Whether you are speaking as the CEO in a board meeting, giving a lecture, working on your thesis or even when you are writing your boards, all that matters is the point you are trying to put in. And if your point is not satisfying enough, all your efforts and energies are ignored. So the point remains that you really need to work upon putting your points in place.
    You get an attentive audience only when they catch the point you want to put in. The point is still untold if not put in properly and effectively. Now the next point in consideration would be the way you put up your points before your target. Points put in the concise and compact way without losing its essence is definitely going to be effective.

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    Everywhere one need to be to the point, in court, school, college, office and even at home. If we can prove to the point, everyone will be pleased and come to conclusion.

    We all know that in family, fathers may seldom speak to their children but whenever he speaks, are short, precise and to the point.

    We all learn and are taught to give answers to the point in order to score full or more marks. This is the first and best thing that is taught but with times, we start beating round the bush in order to prove a point. This shows that we are not committed or clear of the content.

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    A very well said the truth. Beating around the bush is not required these days. We should be on point. That will give you an advantage. Again one point I want to mention is you should place the point in such a way that the audience will catch that. That means when you are making your point you should understand the level of the audience and you should go to their level and bring in the point. I feel that by giving good and suitable examples we can make our point get into the audience easily.
    A good thread by the author and very good presentation.

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    Whenever we deliver a lecture or give a speech or educate some people or discuss with friends, the most important thing is whether we are making some point or not. If our discussions are not up to the mark and do not convey firm and robust arguments then the audience will not accept it. No one buys the incoherent thoughts. Focussed points and concise ideas can only impress the people and any discussion which is not up to the point will fade away from the discussion table and the participants will simply waste their time for nothing in return.
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    A pointed discussion or presentation will make an impressive effect on the audience. Any speech devoid of valuable points is of no use. The content is the key to a presentation and it is only possible if firm points are included there.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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