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    Education less entertainment

    Education nowadays is more of book cramming than knowledge absorbing
    We are in a era where a kid knows about singing and dancing but not about a for apple or b for ball
    Enteratinment is important no doubt recreation is must but not at d cost of depleting quality of education schools more than focussing on interactive ways of learning are dragging students towards dance class by some famous dancing diva
    Schools sholud strike a balnace between entertainment and education so that our youth gets the right direction and path
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    No, I do not agree with sakshi Mehra. All schools have curriculams and have to be followed on regular basis. Since I had been working in different schools and I am quite aware of thier workings. The schools have to follow standards laid down by the respective boards.
    Dance and music are subjects taught and if a child is talanted, he or she is given a chance to showcase his or her talant.
    Sports day and Annual days are celebrated and children are given enough practice to perform, and again these are also part of a curriulam in schools
    Education is not pressurising the child to only study, he or she needs to be exposed to the fields of thier interest.
    Not only dance and music, yoga, games swimming,theatre, are also part of activities held in schools . Parents too are willing, and take interest in putting thier children in such activities ,although it is not a compulsory.
    Regarding focussing on education, each school has to complete academic portions and have regular evaluations at regular intervals.

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    Education means not only reading curriculum and joining a job and earning. Even becoming a good singer or good dancer is also can be a knowledge getting only. It is an entertainment for the viewer but for the performer it is not an entertainment, it is his/her knowledge and sharing their knowledge to others. I will take these arts like that. However, wasting time on entertainment without giving importance to acquiring knowledge is not good. That should be avoided.
    If a boy/ girl is interested in dancing we should encourage to learn that and see that they will become good in that field, but at the same time if the kid is not interested we should not force them to learn that art or get into that field. That will be the situation. Imagine if Amitabh was not encouraged by his parents we might have missed a good actor.

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    Welcome Sakshi, to this educational and knowledge sharing portal commonly known as ISC. You being new to this site I want to mention that if you have a desire to learn and improve your English writings, this is one of the best places in the internet and you can soon sharpen your writing by contributing and learning here.

    You have put up a nice thought but I will suggest you that before submitting your post just revise it for any spelling mistakes and slang use of the words. Those simple measures will enhance the quality of your post. In this site, ISC, depending upon the quality and content of your post, you earn points for everything you submit in its different sections including this forum section. So earn points whenever you contribute and try to maintain the quality and content of your posts.

    As regards the subject of your post, yes, I agree that mere entertainment should not be the motto of our life. It should have an educative and meaningful purpose whether it is an academic or non academic stream.

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    There are many career lines where formal education is not required. Some of them are in entertainment industry also. So, we can not say that those are lacking in this respect. Formal education is academic. It is also important but there are other avenues also for making a career.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Mere reading and writing is not education. The goal of education is personality development and therefore theoretical as well as practical knowledge is must. A person who can read and write but do not have his personality developed is merely called as an literate person and not educated because all he can do is read and write and cannot apply the same in practical world.
    However, i admire your point of concern that nowadays, it has become fashion for parents to present their child as a talented person and make a show of it to the world and also earn money through reality shows and i surely against that because it is very good to see your child having immense talent but that shall not be means of attention in the society and that too at the cost of education. Sometimes, as i have heard that these children are pressurised to perform on the stage by these reality shows and parents does not even understand that their child is talented and will become successful even if these reality shows and TV channels won't provide them any attention and your child is not a labour, he/ she is a child and childhood is a time to enjoy this period and involve and identify other interests of life as well as development of personality by learning something new everyday.

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