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    Why do I see ads on my post?

    Recently I have been quite active in the forum posts.
    When submit a response to a particular category ,after submission I view to see the points there is an ad that pops up,covering my name as well as points I earn.
    I would request the editors to please let me know the reason why my post is not clear.
    Has anyone else also faced this problem ?
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    This is not only for your post. Whoever answers first on his /her reply this add is coming. Really it is a problem only. Earlier we are able to remove this add by just clicking on X at the top right corner. But these days the matter is going and the white square is remaining and we are not able to see how many points are allotted. It is not only in the forum section but also in ask expert section also. If your answer is the second one you will not have such a problem.
    Earlier also a thread on this issue was raised by a member and the situation is same. I think we may have to go with it.

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    This is a problem when you work on a mobile phone. You cannot edit your thread, also the first response is covered with the advertisement and you cannot read it. I have raised this issue several times but no action has been taken yet to resolve the same.

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    This problem we are not encountering in the laptop or desktop but yes, this is happening in the mobile phones. It could be something to do with the display setting or screen size selection, though I did not succeed to clear it. Once you remove the ad still the white screen remains there. This generally obscures the first part of our response. It could be something with the setting of the ISC site itself and the concerned people might have seen for the solutions which it appears are not so easy to incorporate. So, this problem is still continuing.
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    This problem I am facing on my laptop only. I always use the laptop only. Some times I use Ipad. But I rarely use mobile for ISC. I don't know why it is happening to me.
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    This is a very common problem faced by the members. We cannot avoid it but can bear it with patience.
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    I am also facing this but not able to remove them. Closing it using the x sign also not helping as the blank ad box is remaining on the screen. This issue was discussed some time back but so far no solution seems to be in place.
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    Ads, especially adsense by Google, are the major source of revenue for many web sites including ISC.

    The ads are tuned in such a way as to link to the keywords occurring in our online contents. Especially when we are approved for adsense or other ad affiliation, the ads are shown in our pages as per our choice and pre-determined way.
    In ISC there are some safety measures to avoid mistaken clicks on ads by the adsense members themselves on their pos and pages, when they are logged in.

    Otherwise the ads are freely seen being shown on the content pages.

    Earlier the ad block software were blocking the ads , but even they do not block all ads. As many free sites exist on the ad revenues, the ad blocking is not encouraged. You can use ad blocking software if you feel the ads are quite nuisance, otherwise we can just bear them. Sometimes the ads help us to know what is there latest and may even be useful to us.

    However as I am using desktop and mostly not the first to respond, probably I am not seeing them hiding my post/profile. Hope the WMs may evaluate the issue and come with a solution.

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    The mobile version of ISC is not at all good. The ads keep popping up on the screen in front of the posts and we cannot see the desired posts. Most of the links cannot be opened and the edit button does not work. It is difficult to read IndiaStudyChannel posts on mobile browsers. The administrators should really do something and make ISC mobile friendly because people usually prefer mobile phones over desktops and laptops.

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    Many of us are facing the same problem and as mentioned, the ads appear covering the name and some content which cannot be read. ISC need to come up with a solution for the mobile users as I don't find difficulty in desktop but is a regular problem on mobile.

    Would request the administration, developers, editors and site in charge to look into the matter and provide a solution or the reason for the same. This will help the members to get the real reason behind the ads and how it can be resolved or handled.

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