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    We don't cry and make noise with Onion but make it with Petrol

    When the Onion price shoots up from Rs.20/- per Kg to Rs.60/- or more, the public doesn't cry and shed tears and make noise including the politicians who don't care at all. All keep mum when the vegetable price goes up. But for the Petrol, when its price is hiked a bit, the public and the politicians make a huge noise and raise their voice in parliament.

    In the recently presented maiden budget by our FM, a little fuel price hike made the opposition parties make a noise.

    Why? When a common man can tolerate the abnormal increase in vegetable price, why not the same common man tolerate and bear the small little fuel price hike?
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    The hike in fuel price impacts the cost of everything. Lorries and other transport uses fuel to move goods around. When the cost of fuel goes up, the transport companies hike their charges. The manufacturers pay the money but charge the consumer for it. Subsequently, the prices of 'all' commodities go up.

    Travel also becomes expensive. You pay a little more to fuel up your vehicle. Those who travel by auto-rickshaw or private buses have to pay more for their travel. It upsets the family budget.

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    When the prices of onions or tomatoes or other staples go up the house-wife learns to cook without those items. Fuel price hike makes the prices of everything to go up; that is why there is a noise.

    Imagine having to pay extra for your groceries and children's bus fee etc.

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    The impact of the petrol price is very high when compared to other aspects. If a particular item is costing high we can avoid purchasing that and can go for another item. If Tomatoes are costing more we need not purchase that and go for another item. But whatever item you want to purchase you have to go to a shop for which you will use your two-wheeler for which petrol is the must. Like this today you can survive without a meal for a day but you can't survive without a vehicle and without fuel in that.
    Now the society is looking at electrical vehicles and the government is also encouraging the purchase of these vehicles. GST on these vehicles is reduced.
    If we find an alternative for this fuel the impact of the increase in the price of petrol may not be that much and people may ignore that also like we ignore price increase of onions now.

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    We all know that fuel price keeps on increasing drastically and have you ever noticed the hike, it's by 3-5 rupee and now a days it's done every day but as it's in paise, no one notice the huge increase. Just check the hike in past 3 months and you will be able to find the difference.

    Every thing is dependent on one or the other way on fuel. The increase in price affect others and thus fuel price hike is often questioned.

    Even after the decrease in fuel price in the international market, what was its effect on fuel price in India, not much. Who are to be blamed. Why are fuel not brought in the GST slot? Don't you think there is something fishy. Why are the government not giving clear picture on the fuel price? Why are fuel prices in the adjacent countries less then India though India has stronger economy then theirs? People have the right to question the government decesion of increasing the fuel price.

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    Now a days fuel price vary on daily basis and people have become habitual of that. But when the Govt announces a hike, then the opposition parties get an opportunity to make a hue and cry. It is true that a hike in petrol and diesel prices triggers a hike in the prices of many things and services. Govt must have taken those factors in account before going for such stipulations in the budget. But that is not the point of concern. The simple point is whatever Govt announces somehow condemn it so that the public also starts feeling that something wrong has been done by the Govt. Unfortunately in our country today, the opposition has only a negative role to play which is really a sad thing. If this trend continues opposition will lose its strength day by day in this world's leading democracy.
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    In olden days, there was a story. Two vendors took their sale items on their shoulders to a market for selling them. One person hold betel leaves and other bag full of salt. On their way, a river crossed with overflowing water. both of them crossed the river with their materials. The salt vendor started cry after reaching the other bank as his entire material dissolved in the river water. By seeing his cry the vendor of betel leaves also started his cry to satisfy the other as his own material also got damaged(here the loss to the betel leaves vendor is nil). Similar to this the cry for petrol and onion is according to the users.

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    Any hike in the Price of onion may affect the consumer to some extent and in the case of any jump of price in such an item, we may curb its consumption for the time being till it's price stabilises. Omission or inclusion of this commodity depends upon its price - regime.
    The same is not the case with the Petrol and Diesel. Any steep hike would affect the entire consumers. Prices right from the stationary to vegetable would go up. Here only the story does not end up. Commuters of the Bus, Auto have to pay the arbitrary prices as demanded by the drives since there is no regulatory regime to check their attitudes.
    Even a hike of Rupee of five per litre in such fuel commodity, there would be a scope of a hike of many folds by the drivers. This is definitely a major concern.

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    I too agree that the prices of the commodities go up due to the hike in fuel price. But the vendors take undue advantage of the hike and they loot the common man on the name of the fuel price hike. Once hiked, the price never gets reduced. It is irreversible.
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    The rise in prices of petrol and diesal are a major concern these days. Each household has a minimum of two vehicles and some own more than two. So ,when there is a rise in prices of these people are affected and make a hue and cry of it.
    Rise in prices of onions not only affects the general public, but also the restaurants and the hotels. Onions are he basic ingredient of any dish. At the same time the farmers too are affected they do not get the price they should because of the middlemen. If a lady can learn to adjust without onions in the curries, people should adjust with the rise of petrol prices and take to bicycles, at least for short trips.
    Any price of daily commodities do affect our savings , especially for a middle - income group.

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    We all overuse and misuse the fuel called Petrol. While petrol is not used much for commercial use, diesel is used for transportation of goods and passengers( Lorries, trucks, buses, taxies and latest generation autos). Petrol is used by two-wheelers and private four wheelers only. As rightly said by a member, each house has vehicles equalling the number of members in the family. Even a school going boy uses a bike or scooter. They use them independently and waste fuel. Then why should we cry when fuel price is hiked by a few paise or a rupee or two?
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    Prices of fuel are a crucial thing and can affect everything in the supply chain delivery system. That is the reason it is thought to be a sensitive issue and many Govt will avoid declaring like this in an annual budget presentation. If they are announcing such a thing means that they have no other alternative to increase revenue.
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