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    Great things never come from comfort zones.

    Life is a struggle and one has to face it. It requires continuous hard work and efforts to progress ahead in our life and if we think that we can do it just by sitting in the comforts of our home then we are grossly mistaken. The realities of life are only encountered when we step out of our house in search of a job or to accomplish some work or to participate in a project. Every thing has a underlying challenge and at the same time everything that glitters is not gold. Success in life requires commensurate efforts for it and if required, even the requisite toiling in sun and rain. No one will come to help us in those times and we will have to find ways and means to overcome the difficulties.

    Ambitious and hard working people do not stay in the comforts of home. They come out in open to fight with the odds in our life to channelise the path of success through them. Work is worship for them. They toil hard because they know that great things never come from the comfort zone.

    What the members opine about it?
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    Nothing in life will come for free. You have to pay the price. The payment can be in kind or cash. If we want money and good name and prosperity we have to work hard. By sitting in the comfort zone you can't expect to get everything in your hands. We have to struggle hard, we have to step out and try our best to achieve the required goal. If you sit in your comfort zone you will stop growing.
    Many times we see life is a challenge and once we accept the challenge and take on that, then only we can have the chance of winning. If you are not ready to accept the challenge, there ends the matter. There is no question of success. This is the fact of life.
    But after a long long struggle in life and achieving the possible best, if we want to be in comfort zone for some time that may be reasonable and nobody can find fault with that.

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    Comfort zone is for inactive and lazy people. The real life exists outside this zone only. Those who want to succeed in life will have to leave these comforts and come in open to fight the challenges and problems of life.
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    The best example to support this topic is that every year, some of the poorest children of our country secure top marks in board marks and entrance tests. Cricketers like MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, etc. had to work hard in the scorching heat to practice and then only they become the top paid cricketers of the world. Hardik Pandya came from a very poor family but has now been able to earn so much name and fame that even he could not imagine. Coming out of comfort zone is the way to success.

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    Absolutely. And, lately, I have been stressing on this in some of my articles. We have to step out of our comfort zone if we want to stride ahead in leaps and bounds. We stand to stunt our growth if we don't accept changes or challenges that life throws at us. We must have the courage to step on paths that no one's tread on before. We need to be courageous and adventurous and challenge our strengths.

    Magical things happen in the lives of those who step out of their comfort zone. Everyone can do what they are good at, but it takes a special kind of person to do things differently. Recognise your inner strength and use it to move ahead. The results will be ever so satisfying. You will introduce yourself to a side of you that you did not know existed. Stepping out of your comfort zone can open doors to newer opportunities.

    If you are scared of taking significant risks, take smaller, calculated risks, but do change the way you live and work. It will help break the monotony and energise you.

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